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Last Updated : 06 July 2024, 21:38 IST

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My Beautiful Sisters

Khalida Popal

John Murray, pp 224, Rs 699

This is a gripping memoir about courage, the power of teamwork against all odds and the existence of hope in dark times.

Tilak: The Empire’s Biggest Enemy

Vaibhav Purandare

Vintage, pp 480, Rs 999

Rediscover an icon of Indian history whose ideas and actions continue to resonate today. Tilak’s story is not just a tale of resistance but also a testament to perseverance and conviction.

1990, Aramganj

Rakesh Kayasth and Varsha Tiwary (translator)

Eka, pp 272, Rs 499

In this astutely crafted novel, the author deploys a Greek chorus of people’s fears, arguments and judgements to portray the social conundrum of India’s heartland.

Ravana’s Lanka

Sunela Jayewardene

Vintage, pp 304, Rs 499

The author travelled through Sri Lanka and listened to the storytellers and poets, researched Sri Lanka’s folklore, and sifted through race and religion to stitch together the history of a forgotten landscape.

Empire Of The Cholas

Siddharth N Vijayaraghavan

Rupa, pp 248, Rs 499

This book narrates the legend of the construction of the Big Temple in Thanjavur and the Chola Empire. Weaving together the fictional and the factual, it creates a tapestry that promises to captivate and enthral.

Published 06 July 2024, 21:38 IST

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