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A church band that is now no less than a global phenomenon.
Last Updated 19 December 2020, 20:15 IST

At first glance, everything about the Hillsong United band feels disparate — they are a rock band with some truly evocative lyrics; they hail from Australia, but not from any pop underground culture, but from a church in Sydney; their music is powerful and infectious, but you won’t hear them in nightclubs, though you might certainly hear their stuff in a church.

Hillsong United’s stardom is such that their remarkable story has even been documented in a movie, ‘Hillsong: Let Hope Rise’, released in 2016.

Their uplifting songs manage to be both concert-worthy and deeply personal at the same time, while their pop theological lyrics is a hit with listeners across religions. The fact that they combine Christian rock with some charismatic evangelism adds to their appeal.

Their latest track, ‘None But Jesus’ Vol II, released a week ago on their official YouTube channel, has already garnered over 60k views.

This is a seasonal special reprise of their hit by the same name from their album ‘Mighty To Save’ released in 2006. Religious, spiritual, agnostic or atheist, whatever your inclination, their lyrics hold you by your hand and promise to lead you to a place of light and calm, while the music acts like a balm to the everyday chaos that is life.

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(Published 19 December 2020, 20:10 IST)

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