Fashion forward

Fashion forward

I recently bought an expensive pair of mom jeans, since it is the ‘in’ thing. But now, I am clueless about how to style it. Can you please suggest some good looks with mom jeans? — Srividya E

Mom jeans are a late-90s trend and are in vogue now. You can style your new mom jeans as suggested below:

* Tuck your blouse or long tops inside your jeans.

* Give your mom jeans an edge with crop moto jacket and killer heels.

* Pair it with double denim.

* Team it with bold long printed jackets, like a leopard print.

I am a working professional in my late 20s. How do I take my winter wardrobe through summer, without seeming unfashionable? — Madhu Rai

It sounds quite boring to create summer wardrobe with winter clothing. However, you can follow a few tips to transform your cool wardrobe for hot summers:

* Look for winter colours, which can easily mix up in summers. For instance, a top in a dark colour will look entirely different when paired with white jeans or pants.

* Winter tunics can be paired with tights in summer, or you can wear them as summer dresses.

* Light-weight jackets are great for a wardrobe transition. White, denim and cropped jackets can be used in both kinds of weather.

* Wear your winter shirt with shorts. Try your full-sleeve top with short skirts for a chic summery look.

* Don’t forget to accessorise using your light-weight winter scarves in summer. Just wrap them around your neck or tie your hair or a bag with them.

I have several old pairs of jeans, which I don’t want to get rid of. I wish to create a distressed or the ripped denim feel. Can you tell me some dos and don’ts about it? — Prachi Vaidya

It’s always good to recycle your clothes. This is a great idea as ripped denim is in trend now. You can rip off your jeans mid-thigh and knee. You can also go for ripped hem bottoms, which is the latest fad. However, avoid ripping your jeans above mid-thigh because pockets will be visible, which gives a shabby look.

I am in my mid-30s and I am shopping for summer dresses. I have recently lost my pregnancy weight but I still have a paunch. How do I style simple cotton summer dresses? — Dina V

Avoid body-hugging dresses and fish cuts as they will make your body look heavier. You can go for loose tunics, peplum tops, paired with straight cut trousers, jeans or palazzos (avoid Lycra).

(Paresh Lamba is a city-based designer and couture evangelist.)

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