Metrolife: Bengaluru does biz with help from pics

Metrolife: Bengaluru does biz with help from pics

A cake baked by Uthishta Kumar.

Instagram, which started off as a platform to share pictures, has now become a space for people to put out their artistic and professional work.

Models, musicians, dancers, home bakers, poets, painters and photographers have accounts and use them to promote their work, find assignments and connect with peers. Here are some of the popular Instagram users.

Teena Vellara
* Makes macaroons


Teena is a pastry chef and specialises in making macaroons. She also sells Irish cream and chocolates. “Initially when I made the croons page on Instagram and Facebook, I did it to spread awareness about the product but not for the purpose of getting orders. Now it’s definitely a page for sales. Instagram is all about good photography. Somehow that has transformed into a business necessity.”

Pooja Sreenivasan

* Graphic designer and illustrator

“Instagram has not only helped me gain recognition but also helped me learn new things from other artists,” she says.

Raashi Ballal

* Aspiring Youtuber

“People started really appreciating my point of view and that is when I realised that I had an ‘aesthetic’ that people liked.”

Inika Chikarmane
* Teenage photographer.

Keeps a vivid yellow-black theme. “I prefer the pictures to be minimalistic, involving just a few subjects. I also keep the number of colours few or it becomes difficult to coordinate and edit them. It is also essential to plan beforehand and ensure that the colours match.”

Uthishta Kumar

* Baker and a pastry chef

Uthishta’s cakes are very picturesque and delicious. “Some people I collaborate with approached me through Instagram and contributed to the growth of my business. Although I have a Facebook page, I get 90 percent of my orders through Instagram.”

Raphaella Peters
* Artist


The customised artwork on books, shoes, shirts, phone cases. Raphaella says her eye for detail attracts clients.

“I first started posting my work for fun. Soon after, people started asking me to paint and draw for them. Eventually, I made a business out of it. I get most of my orders through Instagram and word-of-mouth.”


Sharron Dcruz
Food blogger

She says she has gained 10 times more followers in five months since she started posting pictures five months ago.

Atul Pinheiro
* Specialises in coffee pics


“Quite a few projects that I’ve worked come from recognition I’ve gained on Instagram,” he says.

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