Okay, so which phones are best for photography?

Okay, so which phones are best for photography?

Bengaluru professionals recommend these for photography on the go

Shot by Auditya Venkatesh

Professional photographers are now using phones (both high-end and budget) to take pictures on the go.

Metrolife asked them which phones are best.

iPhone X has many admirers, and many cheaper phones are giving it a run for its money.

Krishanu Chatterjee, documentary photographer, uses iPhone 6s Plus to capture street shots. 

He says, “The camera is excellent and the pictures print well. I like how the phone allows me to deliver the colour tone I am looking for.” He uses the manual mode, preferring it over the auto mode.

Shot by Krishnau Chatterjee
Shot by Krishnau Chatterjee

Hari Menon, freelance photographer, likes the much cheaper Vivo V9. He says, “The pictures are sharp, and the phone competes with the iPhones in picture quality.”

He is happy he can manually control the exposure. “Phone photography is great especially when you shoot street and landscape. I don’t like going close to a person’s face... I like it getting close-ups inconspicuously with my phone,” he says.

Shot by Hari Menon
Shot by Hari Menon

“You can learn the basics of using a DSLR with your smartphone now. You can also attach a wide-angle lens to your phone.”
- Prashant Sharma

Google Pixel 2 comes highly recommended by Prashant Sharma, wedding photographer. “Some of the wedding pictures I’ve shot on it have come out very well,” he explains. “The phone uses artificial intelligence to make pictures beautiful.”

Auditya Venkatesh, travel photographer, began his phone photography journey with the Google Nexus One. He has, over the years, tried HTC, Oppo and Sony phones as well.

He votes for Google Pixel phones as the best. “You can easily transfer data via the phone. Apple phones still don’t have that option,” he says. Transferring photos between Apple devices is an easy process but it becomes difficult between an Apple and non-Apple device. 

In recent years, he has been using his phone instead of his DSLR for travel photography.

Pictures shot on phones need minimal editing, and photographers mostly use apps available on their devices before uploading them on social media.

Outer limits

Photographers understand phones have their limitations.
The battery is a concern. Time-lapse videos call for battery endurance.


Best phones for photosBudget phones for photographyApps popular for editing
  • Samsung Galaxy S9+ Rs 57,900
  • Google Pixel 2, Rs 61,000
  • iPhone X, Rs 78,999
  • One Plus 5T, Rs 32,999
  • Redmi 5, Rs 7,999
  • Redmi Y1, Rs 8,999
  • Honour 7X, Rs 15,999
  • Vivo V9, Rs 22,990
  • Snapseed
  • VSCO
  • Instagram
  • Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop (The last two require registration)
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