Woof! TV time is pet time in many Bengaluru homes

Woof! TV time is pet time in many Bengaluru homes

Nikhil Hegde with Cous Cous.

Pet lovers in the city are watching their favourite TV shows with their pet dogs and cats. A survey (see box) puts India on top of countries watching video with pets.

Many pet lovers in Bengaluru look forward to video time with pets, Metrolife found.

Nikhil Hegde, owner of Smally’s Resto Cafe, enjoys spending time his pet Cous Cous in front of the TV, watching documentaries, cricket matches and serials.

“It is a delight to see him engrossed in shows on National Geographic and Discovery. You  should see him barking when he sees the scenes change,” says Hegde.

The shows Cous Cous loves the most are about jungle safaris. He gets excited when he sees monkeys on the screen.

Hegde watches TV in the evening. “It’s like he understands and sits with me while I enjoy my screen time. He doesn’t go to sleep when the TV is on. If I have to step out, I can just leave the TV on and go,” he says.

Karthik C V, software professional, loves his walks and playtime with Heroine, and also adores his pet watching shows with him on National Geographic. 

“She loves shows about big cats like tigers and panthers and you can see her eyes go wide when they come on screen,” he says. 

Soumya Gopi, food and lifestyle blogger, enjoys watching cartoons and wildlife shows on TV with cats Polly, Poppy and Lily.

“They are always super-excited about watching TV. On YouTube, you have the option of watching videos for cats with birds and animated rats. These come with sounds that really excite them,” she says. Animal Planet and Pogo are the cats’ favourite TV channels, she adds. 

“Also, I’m not sure how Lilly knows, but she loves ‘Chota Bheem’. Poppy loves bird videos and Polly loves watching anything on television,” Soumya says.

Kezban Klein, director of Ifaa India, lives with her cat Indiana and two love their snugly digital time together. “From Bollywood music videos and full-fledged films on YouTube to Game of Thrones, we watch shows on the laptop and TV,” she says.

Kezban confesses Indiana is excitable and watches films and shows with her only for the cuddle time.

“We are like a couple that way. She understands that she doesn’t need to do much to be pampered when we are watching TV together,” she says.

Indiana is not a happy cat when Kezban is on the mobile phone “as she knows she won’t get enough attention.” 

Fun factor

Animal lover Nikhil Hegde says, “While my walks with Cous Cous are energising and refreshing, my TV time with him is entertaining because of all the laughs.”

What Netflix found

Netflix has recently collected data on customers watching television with pets. India tops the list of countries globally where pet parents watch shows with their furry ones.

The list also features Thailand, USA, Spain, South Korea, Italy, UK, Canada, Poland and France.

Many interesting findings were gleaned from Netflix’s ‘Woof campaign’: 63% Indians watch shows with their pets because they help them relax, and 29% Indians watch shows with pets because they don’t judge their TV taste.

Among the many shows Indians watch with their pets are ‘13 Reasons Why’, ‘Love’, ‘Happy Valley’ and ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.

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