Metrolife: You’re so sweet, honey

Metrolife: You’re so sweet, honey

The third Saturday of April should occupy an important place in every married couple’s life — it’s Husband Appreciation Day (yeah, there is a day like that!).

While it is true male partners sometimes don’t get their due, they also get appreciated for the wrong things. There is a line dividing familial responsibilities and sweet gestures, and women should know what to be grateful for.

Metrolife spoke to some women and compiled a list of what husbands really deserve appreciation for.

In the kitchen

Cleaning the dishes or helping out with the cooking is not a favour he is doing for you. These are tasks he must perform as a member of a domestic unit. But small things — like remembering to replace the stale bread or making the grocery list — put a broad smile on any woman’s face.

In the bedroom

No, we are not going to talk about the dos and don’ts of bedroom behaviour. But a man who backs off when you are not in the mood, or better still, gives you a foot massage at the end of a tiring day, does sound like a dream.

On special days

Husbands worth their salt know better than to forget anniversaries and birthdays (wives should remember them too!).

But if he ditches those done-to-death flowers and chocolates and gets you the latest book from your favourite author or calls up your friends to arrange a girls’ day out for you, thank him for heaven’s sake.

At the table

A person who asks how your day was and actually listens to the answer is a much better deal than one glued to the television. Someone who does not compare your cooking skills with those of others is great—unless he takes pride in his own culinary skills. Healthy competition should always be encouraged.

In office

When both spouses hold jobs, cancelled plans or working weekends should not be fussed about. Husbands must understand your deadlines and meetings are important. Those who help you reach office in time, make your presentations better, and ask you to talk about your colleagues in a more professional manner are a blessing in disguise.

In the living room

Short girls, 99 percent husbands help you by taking out the crockery on the topmost shelf.

Whether he cracks jokes at your expense or reaches for the plates without your having to ask makes the difference.

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