Setting example for a model village

Setting example for a model village

Hanumanahalli, a nondescript village in Koppal taluk, has set an example for a model village because of its positive practices. A majority of the residents of this village are farmers and farm labourers. All of them work hard and there is no room for the dwellers to cultivate bad habits that normally plague the villages.

Products such as cigarette, liquor, and gutka that are harmful to health are banned in the village. While people do follow the rules placed here and if someone is seen selling such products, the person has to pay a penalty of up to Rs 10,000. In the same manner, if a villager enters the village under the influence of alcohol he has to pay some amount as punishment.

Similarly, whenever a dispute arises in the village, people approach the elders and adhere to their judgement. As a result, there is no instance of people approaching the police station in recent years.

It all started 12 years ago when village elders sat together and reflected upon the problems that troubled village life. While they listed the issues, they realised that bad habits were not just deteriorating the physical health of people but also taking a toll on their emotional well-being. They held a gathering of all the residents and put forth their ideas of banning these products in the village. Certain other aspects that are important for leading a peaceful life were also discussed.

After deliberations, it was decided to ban harmful products in the village. The villagers also decided to join hands irrespective of caste and religion during village fairs and festivals. The people have stood by the decision ever since.

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