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Last Updated 19 December 2020, 19:15 IST

Hey Sexi Saheli,
I’m a 15-year-old girl and it has been a year of finding out that I am bisexual. I tried to open up to my mom about me being bisexual but she looked so worried that I said it was a joke. Now, I can’t bottle up my true feelings. My parents are conservative so I want to make them understand that it is normal to love the same gender. Also, for the past four years, I have been going through a lot of mental issues and have even tried to commit suicide twice. I informed my parents that I have depression and need a counsellor or a therapist but they brushed it off saying it is just a phase. I want to open up to my parents about my sexuality and about needing a therapist. How do I do so?

Hey Rain,
Remember there is always sunshine after the rain. First, sign-up with a counsellor. Your mental health is the most important thing here. If your parents won’t pay for it, find a free one (Uncle Google will help). Or check with your school. Once you do that and feel stronger from within, you can begin speaking about your bisexuality. Start by getting ‘bisexual literature’ home. Leave it lying around. Join support forums. You are not bi-yourself in this. Your peers can advise you on how they spoke to their parents, the challenges they faced. Be prepared. If they don’t accept you, when you become an adult, you may have to say bi-bi to them till they do.

Hi Sexi Saheli,
I was friends with my classmate and subsequently, we became close and turned into thick friends. Then one day she seduced me. After that, she had a relationship with a guy at her workplace. I think she has lost interest in me but now I need her. I confessed my feelings but she hasn’t replied. I’m feeling lonely and lost. I need the comfort of her physical presence.
Mr Don’t Mention My Name

Hi, Mr Don’t Mention My Name,
It seems like things have gotten out of hand. Accept that she is no more in your life and you have to single-handedly overcome your disappointment. Start by meeting other people. Slowly, you’ll forget her and find another friend.

Dear Saheli,
I’m all alone. Help me out of this loneliness.

Dear Alex,
Get yourself an i-pal. Wondering what that is? Look into the mirror. When you make friends with yourself, you are never alone.

(Published 19 December 2020, 18:54 IST)

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