Fishermen offer prayers at Malti island

Fishermen offer prayers at Malti island

The fishermen of Malpe joined the devotees of Sri Shankaranarayana temple in praying to 'Adi Parashakthi' deity in Kodavoor at 'Malti' island off Malpe coast on Monday morning.

The devotees sought divine intervention to trace the seven missing fishermen.

This island is not frequented by people as it has an unusual landscape influenced by the volcanic activities.

The villagers of Kodavoor have been offering the ‘puja’ on the day of ‘Makara Sankranthi’ every year. ‘Malti’ island is located half an hour away from Malpe shore by boat and the devotees visiting this island believe that ‘Adi Parashakthi’ was worshipped here for many decades.

The fishing boat Suvarna Tribhuja left for deep sea fishing on December 13 and has remained incommunicado from December 15 midnight. As there is no trace of the fishermen even after a month, their families and other fishermen are worried back in Malpe.