Focus on your passion

Focus on your passion


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Dear Sir,

I am a 25-year-old software engineer working on UI development. I am re-working on my interests for the past one year. I am passionate about Math and quick in solving problems using shortcuts. I am a quick learner and like solving puzzles and Sudoku. When I was in college, I took to subjects like Mechanics and Digital Electronics. When it comes to my job, I only get excited if I get to code something new by finding some pattern and solving a problem. Could you please suggest on careers that I could look into.



Dear VS,

You are one of the many bright young people who went into engineering because of its attraction and promise, probably not because of your aptitude and interest. But it is good that you are questioning your career path early in life, as you will be able to make a smooth transition into something you have a strong aptitude for if you take the right steps. Your engineering degree will not go waste and it has sharpened your analytical, critical, sequential and decision-making skills, and can launch you into any of a wide range of careers.

You have made a list of your skills, which is a good beginning, but not enough to take a final decision. You will need to add many more issues such as your financial needs, your resilience to struggle till you build up a new career, your personality traits, social skills and ability to withstand social pressure, capacity to concentrate and grasp new inputs, the lifestyle you would prefer, and whether you are a risk-taker. The right time to make a change is when there is no crisis or deadline, so you may now start the process of exploring and narrowing down without any pressure. 

From what you have written it appears that you may enjoy logical and technical work rather than getting into a totally new field. If so, you may start off with exploring artificial intelligence, data sciences, research, documentation, software testing, quality control — and then keep widening your choices till you find the right one. Once you find interest in something, you can take up a Massive Online Open Course in that field which is generally free and can be done in your spare time, to get a confirmation whether you are on the right track.


Dear Sir,

I am currently studying third-year Electronics and Communication engineering. I had taken up Robotics as elective in my fourth semester and

Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) in the fifth semester. I am interested in both the fields. I’m confused about which field to pursue. I have no clear idea about the career opportunities in MEMS. Please help.



Dear Darkasha,

Do not go by career opportunities, as if you are good at something, you will certainly find promising openings. Since you have time before you complete your degree, further internships, online courses, meeting knowledgeable people in both areas, getting more information from the Internet will help you decide eventually. Your decision should be based on your inclination, passion, interest and abilities.


Dear Sir,

I am a first-year Chemical engineering student. Everyone says there is no campus recruitment and no scope for Chemical engineering. Is it true?



Dear Deeksha,

There are hundreds of chemical engineering-related organisations all over the country. Though employment in numbers may not be as high as IT etc, work is certainly available to those who are good in the field. Campus recruitment is not a barometer of job opportunities, it is more an indicator of the reputation of the college. In the next three years, do a wide range of internships, narrow down to domain specialisation within the chemical industry, keep meeting people in the field and ensure that you can deliver goods.  For some reason, if you do not wish to continue in the same field after graduation, you can use it as a foundation to get into fields such as management, administration, communication and many more.


Dear Sir,

My son is studying in Class 11 (PCMB). He likes a career in management. What course should he select after Class 12? Which are good undergraduate management courses available in Bengaluru?



Dear Roshini,

The general management-related course is a three-year Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) offered by many colleges all over Bengaluru. It covers all aspects of management at a very fundamental level but does not make a person a qualified manager. It lays the foundation for a person to go for higher studies in the area of specialisation, the most popular ones being marketing, finance, systems and HR. However, it is not necessary for a person seeking higher qualification in management to study BBA, as the top B-schools have majority intake from engineering and other professional courses. Hence, he may also explore the option of taking up a professional degree course in a field where he has aptitude and interest, and then aim for management studies to eventually go higher up the ladder.


Dear Sir,

I am currently pursuing my BArch course and have started my internship which is the 5th and final year of the course. Other than the usual MArch courses available for us, is there any other option that we can pursue?  Like a study of renewable resources? If we do undergo an unconventional course, how will it help in our career?

Tejas R


Dear Tejas,

If you are an adventurous person who wishes to go beyond the routine work and are genuinely interested in ecology, environment and sustainable development, then you may take up a PG course in any of these fields. Since they are unconventional, initial openings, salary may not be very high, but your work can be very satisfying, and eventually, you will be able to earn well too. Some of the universities you can explore are: Azim Premji University, Nalanda University, Indian Institute for Human Settlements, National Institute of Industrial Engineering, FLAME University,
Xavier Labor Relationship Institute, Tata-Dhan Academy, The Bhoomi College and others.