Golden kalasha for Kudroli temple

Golden kalasha for Kudroli temple

Senior Congress leader B Janardhan Poojary said that the Kudroli Sri Gokarnanatha Temple management committee has decided to replace the ‘kalasha’ atop the temple sanctum sanctorum with a golden kalasha.

Poojary told reporters on Monday that one kg of gold would be required for the kalasha to be installed atop the temple’s sanctum sanctorum.

Rs 45 lakh cost

“The work of replacing the kalasha has already begun. The cost of the new Kalasha will be around Rs 45 lakh. The work will be carried out with the support of devotees from all sections of the society,” Poojary added.

“The copper plating of the sanctum sanctorum will also he replaced. A new dhwaja sthambha (flag post) will be installed at the temple,” he said.

“The Brahmakalashotsava festival of the temple will be conducted from February 11 to 17. A ‘hore kanike’ procession will be taken out from Nehru Maidan to the temple on February 13,” Poojary said.