GPs in Udupi to face polls on January 2

GPs in Udupi to face polls on January 2

Elections will be held at 79 constituencies in Gangolli (33), Yedthare (25) and Byndoor (21) gram panchayats on January 2, 2019.

Udupi Additional Deputy Commissioner Vidyakumari told reporters that measures have been taken to ensure the smooth conduct of the polls. She added that the election code of conduct is in place, following the notification of the announcements of the polls, which is limited only to the respective gram panchayats.

“The candidature should be submitted before the December 20, 2018 deadline. The candidates can withdraw the papers on December 24. If the polls are required, voting will be held on January 2, 2019. The counting of votes will be done on January 4, 2018,” the officer explained.

Multi-choice EVMs

She added that for the first time multi-choice EVMs will be deployed with 20 controlling and ballot units each.

“The elections will be held in constituencies where the post of members fall vacant for different reasons. Here, ballot papers will be used and the constituencies include Ulluru-1, Kergalu-4, Bailuru, Nitte-10, Handadi-1, Hosala-1, Yedthadi-1, and Kadekaru-2,” she said.

“There are a total number of 10,461 voters in Gangolli, 8,112 in Yedthare and 7,592 voters in Byndoor. There are 12 polling booths in Gangolli, nine in Yedthare and 10 in Byndoor. The polling will begin at 7 am till 5 pm and the counting will be done at respective taluk offices,” said Vidyakumari.