A guide to tap alternatives

A guide to tap alternatives

Discovering possibilities Walk-in interviews and job fairs are effective job-hunting tools.

Are you one of those whose campus placements are over but could not land a job? Your worries must be increasing as you are uncertain about your future. You must be feeling too cold that your friend got an offer while you could not make it. But the good news is that there is nothing to fret. After all, every cloud has a silver lining. 

The most important thing that you should pay attention to is not to sit idle for lack of a job. If you do so, it will reflect a gap in your resume which will not look good in the eye of the recruiter. There are many things to be done even if you have not been able to get a job. So, leave your dejection behind and gear yourself up to get a dream job in the days to come.

Personal branding

The first step in personal branding is creating a brief attractive resume limiting to one page. It must be properly formatted and written using the correct font size. Your educational qualifications should be mentioned starting from the recent one and ending with Class 10. It should include the year of passing, the percentage of marks and the board or university. All the projects and internships and voluntary work, if any, should be mentioned.

Even though you may love watching movies or television, they should not be mentioned as hobbies in your resume. Instead, write constructive ones like reading books or newspapers. Remember to update your contact information. It is good to take the help of a professional resume writer to draft your resume. Once your resume has been written, upload it in well-known job portals, especially those specialised in fresher recruitment. This increases the chances of getting interview opportunities. Create a Linkedin profile, too. Keep all your educational certificates as well as photo identity ready.

Walk-in-interviews and job fairs are very effective job-hunting tools. They are not only the best place to land a job but also a place for networking with industry experts and fellow job seekers. Some companies extend on the spot offers in such events.

What more can you ask for? Dress smartly and behave professionally. Carry your resume, certificates, photo IDs, passport size photographs and a notebook with a pen. Remember to collect business cards from all the employer booths you visit. It will be a great learning experience and will boost your confidence in the journey of job search.

Networking is not only about making new contacts but also maintaining a relationship with them. Family members, college mates and teachers can be of great help in getting a job. When you attend seminars or conferences, talk to the speakers and participants about your career need. This exchange will help get further contacts and valuable leads to get placed in a good role. 


An internship is a period where you can get a job experience often with a stipend. This is for a limited time but can also turn into a full-time job offer in some cases. There are sites specialising in internship opportunities. You can register yourself in one of these internship portals. The mention of an internship in your resume will certainly add value to your prospective employer. There are various fields in which you can intern. Choose the one that matches with your profile and interest. Even virtual and work from home internships are trending today. Internships, whether paid or unpaid, will give you an experience and an opportunity to network.

If you are unable to land a job, why not volunteer for the time being. Unlike internships, this will also give you exposure, networking opportunity and above all a feel-good factor.

Alternatively, enrol yourself in any short-term courses. It may be pertaining to some technical skill, spoken English, creative writing or anything that may interest you. If there is limited scope for regular courses, you can enrol through online as well. 

Freelance assignments

We all know that an idle brain is a devil’s workshop. So, instead of sitting at home doing nothing, take up some freelance work. There are dedicated websites that you may register in to get such assignments.

Companies update recent openings in the career section of their website. Do keep checking them and apply to the relevant ones.

By making consistent efforts, you can certainly land a suitable job. Even if it is a small company, do accept the offer. It will give you the much-needed exposure.

Hunting a job outside the campus may be tedious and time-consuming, but it is achievable. There are numerous opportunities out there. Have a systematic approach and grab an offer from a company. It will give you a great sense of accomplishment as you have made a place for yourself on your own.