Patients give Wenlock Hospital a thumbs up

Patients give Wenlock Hospital a thumbs up

Nearly 78% of patients expressed satisfaction with different services in the District Government Wenlock hospital.

In a recent feedback drive launched to gather data on satisfaction levels of patients treated at the District Government Wenlock hospital, an overwhelming majority reported that they were happy with the services rendered to them. 

Nearly 78% of the patients expressed satisfaction with different services rendered at the district government Wenlock hospital.

Only 22% of the patients said they were not satisfied with the services. They expressed displeasure with staff behaviour and quality of treatment at Wenlock hospital. 

 The feedback was provided on the Central government’s patient feedback initiative (Android application)--`Mera Aspataal’ (My Hospital). 

Mera Aspataal is a Ministry of Health and Family Welfare initiative launched in 2016 to compile patient feedback for the services received at government hospitals. Feedback is given via multiple communication channels, including Short Messaging Service (SMS).

The app gathers patient feedback by calling them over the mobile phone. Later, a consolidated analysis is uploaded onto the Mera Aspataal portal with the objective of improving the quality of services in government healthcare facilities. 

The data is compiled and analysed and is accessible to different stakeholders. The patient feedback initiative reveals that nearly 86,088 patients visited Wenlock hospital from April 2017 to March 2018. As much as 37% of the respondents expressed dissatisfaction with the attitude of staff in the hospital.  This was one major reason that left patients sore and angry.

“Only 18% of the patients complained about the cost of treatment and cleanliness (15%),” informed blood bank officer at the regional blood transfusion centre in Wenlock hospital Dr Sharath Kumar Rao J. 

Incidentally, Dr Sharath was entrusted with the responsibility of drafting an action plan to enhance the quality of healthcare delivery based on the feedback, by Wenlock hospital Superintendent Dr Rajeshwari Devi H R. Doctors topped the list among staff who were rude to patients (46%) and the nurses trailed behind (24%).

Patients also expressed dissatisfaction with cleanliness in corridors, toilets (28%), patient registration and waiting area. Only a few patients complained about the wards (3%) and bedsheets (2%) not being clean. 

As much as 67% of the patients complained that the doctors did not pay any attention when the patients complained of symptoms. Another 33% said they did not experience symptomatic relief after treatment. Patients resented the long waiting time (40%) and inadequate information (13%).

There was not a single complaint against the quality of food served in hospitals.
Dr Sharath Rao says the patient feedback initiative gives them an overview of areas that need to be improved.

“The feedback reveals that the hospital is moving in the right direction,” Dr Rajeshwari Devi said.

Blood bank officer Dr Sharath Kumar Rao informed that only 25,863 out of the total 86,088 patients who visited Wenlock had submitted valid phone numbers. Only 2,604 among 25,863 patients entered valid phone numbers and participated in the patient feedback initiative.

“Better participation by patients will help in establishing a responsive and accountable healthcare system in Wenlock hospital,” he stressed.