Homes & Interiors: Transform your closet the easy way

Homes & Interiors: Transform your closet the easy way

Nowadays, when people are hard-pressed for time and stick to minimal and easygoing spaces, it doesn’t hurt to jazz it all a bit. After all, we all could use some fun and colour. Your walk-in closet is a place that you use every day and it is also the best place to begin your day with. Here are a few tricks that will help you transform your walk-in closet into a stylish space: 

Smart storage

Maximise the storage space by taking the cabinets to the ceiling height. Use the top space in the cabinet for shelves, to store items you won’t really use on a daily basis. You will not only get additional storage but you will also cut out on the unnecessary dust that accumulates above.

Shoe placement 

Keeping shoes visible, sorted, and easy to access encourages an efficient morning and a cleanup routine. Slender shoes, such as flats and flip-flops, can fit two to a cubby. A tall, glass-front cabinet pairs shoes in one convenient place that’s easy to see. Or, you can even keep them in wired pullouts at the bottom of the storage cabinets. These organisers let your shoes breathe and are easy to pull out.

Customise it

Organise the wardrobes to fit your needs. You can customise them to have watch winders, spectacle holders, inbuilt safe systems, jewellery inserts in your drawers, island dressers with an inbuilt motorised mirror. Choose from a selection of drawers, clothes rods, shelves, and shoe storage to make the most of your closet space. Customisable accessories, such as modular drawer dividers, can help you organise your walk-in closet. 

Light it up

Good lighting is often overlooked when planning a closet makeover, but it’s an important feature to consider. Go for cabinets available with customisable horizontal and vertical lighting in the shelves, you do not have to switch on the lights in your complete room — but just open the door and everything will be lit for you to see clearly.

For the front finish, you can have leather, wood veneer, mirror, glass or laminates and a lot more to choose from. You can even choose if you want hinged doors or sliding doors in the cabinets.