leo - 30 Oct 2020

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  • Lucky color: Scarlet
  • Lucky gem: Opal
  • Lucky number: 5

Bone and lower back problems may persist. Rigorous exercises or physical training should be avoided. Career wise a new opportunity opens up. Time to decide if lateral growth is just as good as a promotion.

The focus on work continues for the Leo-born individuals. You will be on your toes most of the time as you are driven by a desire to boost your savings, even if it is by way of taking on extra work or dabbling in stocks for a bit. Work will need to be done around home or property and this could take up much of your time. Be very careful and keep your temper in check. Children and dependents will rally around and support you.

The Leo born individuals are likely to have a very rewarding year. The big break that you may have been waiting for could happen during this time. There is a possibility of getting a wonderful job offer that catapults you into a new zone of financial strength all together. There is status elevation and recognition gained on a public forum as well. Several of your choices and decisions made in the recent past now make a lot of sense. There is respect and admiration from your seniors as well. You are focused, enthusiastic and bring in experience from the past. Some individuals may be able to move into a new house/property and those looking for an investor or a big loan may finally have their prayers answered. This is a year of wish fulfilment and you should make the most of it. Health is on a good footing, but lack of sleep and rest could beget unnecessary issues.