I breathe and live music: KGF movie singer

Ira Acharya speaks to mediapersons in Udupi.

Ira Acharya, who became an overnight sensation for the song ‘Jhoke Nanu Balliya Minchu...’ from the movie KGF, declared that she breathes and lives music.

Ira told reporters that she was into Hindustani music since the age of four and she composes cover videos on YouTube. Her voice was such a huge hit that the KGF Music Director Ravi Basrur asked her for a voice audition. She sent her voice audition through WhatsApp and was selected.

She said that she has sung ‘Jhoke…’ the solo song in all the four languages, Kannada, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. In fact, she said that she found Malayalam a bit difficult. However, she said that she enjoyed lending her voice in all the languages.

Ira said that she has received a call for voice audition by Sandeep Chauta for the movie Mirzapur. However, it is still in the early stages. She said she developed a love for Hindustani music while she was listening to ‘Old Space’ programme in Radio. She is trained by Pandit Vittaldas Pai.

She wants to go to Kolkata for higher training in Hindustani music. Her video cover songs on YouTube have 1.8 million views. She was the winner of the voice of Udupi music reality show.

Ira said her college supports her and she was given attendance whenever she has to participate in the assignments.

Ira is a second PU student studying commerce in MGM College in Udupi. She is the daughter of Carnatic musician Chetana Acharya and Vajanath Acharya.

KGF Music Director Ravi Basrur said that he has not stopped being in awe of Ira's talent. She has performed very well and she has a bright future. She has amazing energy and her voice was also liked by the Tamil lyricists, he added.

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I breathe and live music: KGF movie singer


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