ICC World Cup 2019: Fans, and the kaleidoscope of colours

The ICC World Cup 2019 has seen some exciting matches, where fate dwindled like the pendulum in grandfather's clock. The on field actions are laced with drama and tension, and the twelfth man of a side, the fans have added a dash of colour to the canvas of World Cup. They have jumped in jubilation, they have cried in despair. Innovative banners have been created, slogans of encouragement have been written. While we admire the players and their heroics, let us look at the fans, without whom the game is nothing but an empty fair
  • ASouthAfricafan waves a flag before the match against New Zealand. Photo credit: Reuters

  • New Zealand fans dsiplay a flag during the match against South Africa. Photo credit: Reuters

  • The Kangaroos have made their presence felt in this World Cup. Photo credit: Reuters

  • Dressed up as Hulk, cheering for Pakistan. Photo credit: Reuters

  • West Indian fans never fail to paint a colourful picture. Photo credit: Reuters

  • A youngfan of England cheering for his team. Photo credit: Reuters

  • The excitement and roar for the team. A group of Sri Lankan fans. Photo credit: Reuters

  • The heart resonates with the national anthem. A fan of Bangladesh during the ICC World Cup 2019. Photo credit: Reuters

  • Passing on to the next generation. A father-daughter duo cheering for India. Photo credit: Reuters

  • The cheer of innocence, and the dream to win. A young fan from Afghanistan. Photo credit: Reuters