ICC World Cup AUS vs WI Highlights: Starc, Smith, Coulter-Nile lead Australia to victory

Smith and Coulter-Nile scored crucial half-centuries while Starc took a brilliant five-wicket haul
  • 23:06

    Australia pull one of their best WC victories

    What an evening for Australia. Reeling at 38/4 at one point, they revived their innings courtesy Steve Smith and Alex Carey before Nathan Coulter-Nile came in and blasted the Windies bowlers enroute to the highest score by a no.8 in World Cups (92).

    That whirlwind deflated West Indies after the first innings, who until then were going great guns. They themselves lost Lewis early and then Gayle, which took three DRS attempts, though the ball he got out to should have been a free hit. Wickets fell at regular intervals even as Shai Hope built good partnerships with Pooran, Hetmyer and skipper Jason Holder.

    Hope fell after his fifty though and Holder was left all alone as Russell came and went in no time as did Carlos Brathwaite. Starc then got rid of the skipper himself, not before he had helped himself to a fifty though. The former ended up with a 5-wicket haul too.

    The Windies were in the game for long periods of time but lost wickets when they shouldn't have and that cost them in the end. Thanks for joining us for the live coverage, do come back tomorrow when Pakistan take on Sri Lanka. Till then, tada!

  • 23:06

  • 22:59

    WI 273/9 (50 overs)

    49.1 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, DOT, driven to mid off

    49.2 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, DOT, Carey takes it and appeals but it is off the pads

    49.3 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, FOUR, pulls it to backward square leg. Inconsequential now

    49.4 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, FOUR, driven past the covers. Send him up the order next time, Windies

    49.5 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, FOUR, helped past short fine leg

    49.6 Coulter-Nile to Nurse, FOUR, four fours to finish off. Driven past mid off, so will help their net run rate later on

  • 22:55

    WI 257/9 (49 overs)

    48.1 Stoinis to Nurse, DOT.

    48.2 Stoinis to Nurse, DOT, digs out the yorker.

    48.3 Stoinis to Nurse, DOT, they don't take the run for some reason despite it going to long on

    48.4 Stoinis to Nurse, DOT.

    48.5 Stoinis to Nurse, 1 run, pulled away to deep mid-wicket, the two fielders in the deep do very well

    48.6 Stoinis to Thomas, DOT.

  • 22:46

    WI 256/9 (48 overs)

    Sheldon Cottrell is the new man in at no.10

    47.1 Starc to Nurse, DOT, big full toss but not taken advantage of

    47.2 Starc to Nurse, 1 leg byes, to short third man

    47.3 Starc to Cottrell, OUT, bowled him! Yorker is too good for Cottrell, who made some room but got nothing out of it. That's a 5-wicket haul for Starc!

    Cottrell b Starc 1(2)

    Oshane Thomas is the last man in

    47.4 Starc to Thomas, DOT, yorker just misses the stumps and has his hands on his head there

    47.5 Starc to Thomas, DOT, defends it somehow

    47.6 Starc to Thomas, DOT, holds on to survive another over Thomas

  • 22:42

    WI 252/8 (46 overs)

    Ashley Nurse is the new man in

    45.4 Starc to Holder, DOT.

    45.5 Starc to Holder, DOT.

    45.6 Starc to Holder, OUT, the captain goes and that's surely the game for the Aussies. Bowled it short, Holder wanted to help it to fine leg, but mistimed it, it took the glove and short fine takes it to seal it

    Holder c Zampa b Starc 51(57)

  • 22:38

    WI 252/7 (45.3 overs)

    45.1 Starc to Holder, 1 run, to cover

    45.2 Starc to Brathwaite, DOT.

    45.3 Starc to Brathwaite, OUT, he strikes. Mistimes the heave down the ground and Finch takes it easily

    Brathwaite c Finch b Starc 16(17)

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  • 22:33

    WI 251/6 (45 overs)

    44.1 Cummins to Brathwaite, FOUR, pulled away past the bowler, he is getting a move on now

    44.2 Cummins to Brathwaite, 2 runs, just over mid on! Pulled again but not timed well

    44.3 Cummins to Brathwaite, 1 run, mix up and Holder just makes it in. Could have been the game for the Aussies

    44.4 Cummins to Holder, DOT, defended

    44.5 Cummins to Holder, DOT, surprised him with the bumper, no harm done

    44.6 Cummins to Holder, 1 leg byes, hit his elbow and rolled to fine leg

  • 22:29

    WI 243/6 (44 overs)

    43.1 Coulter-Nile to Holder, DOT.

    43.2 Coulter-Nile to Holder, 2runs, steered to third man

    43.3 Coulter-Nile to Holder, DOT.

    43.4 Coulter-Nile to Holder, 1 run, pulled to deep mid wicket. That is fifty for the captain, good innings there!

    43.5 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, SIX, huge hit! Brathwaite comes to the party now, short ball and he heaves it over cow corner

    43.6 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, 1 run, to third man, smart batting

  • 22:25

    WI 233/6 (43 overs)

    Cummins is back

    42.1 Cummins to Holder, DOT, inside edge, falls near Holder's legs

    42.2 Cummins to Holder, 1 run, to fine leg

    42.3 Cummins to Brathwaite, DOT.

    42.4 Cummins to Brathwaite, DOT, play and a miss

    42.5 Cummins to Brathwaite, DOT, played to mid off

    42.6 Cummins to Brathwaite, DOT, surprise bumper, and he fended it off awkwardly

  • 22:20

    WI 232/6 (42 overs)

    41.1 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, DOT, inside edge just goes past the stumps

    41.2 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, DOT, just over the bowler! Mistimed the pull there

    41.3 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, 1 run, dabbed down to short third man

    41.4 Coulter-Nile to Holder, 1 run, outside edge again goes to third man

    41.5 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, DOT.

    41.6 Coulter-Nile to Brathwaite, DOT, Carey appeals for some strange reason

  • 22:14

    WI 230/6 (41 overs)

    Carlos Brathwaite is the man in no.8

    40.1 Zampa to Brathwaite, 1 run, chipped to long on

    40.2 Zampa to Holder, FOUR, driven past short cover and he got hold of it alright. Holder anchoring the chase wonderfully

    40.3 Zampa to Holder, DOT.

    40.4 Zampa to Holder, DOT.

    40.5 Zampa to Holder, FOUR, outside edge goes for four. Seen a lot of them today

    40.6 Zampa to Holder, DOT.

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  • 22:06

    WI 216/6 (38.5 overs)

    38.1 Starc to Holder, DOT.

    38.2 Starc to Holder, DOT, misses the pull

    38.3 Starc to Holder, 3 leg byes, hit past the keeper, fine leg does well

    38.4 Starc to Russell, FOUR, driven to long off! Classic shot, not the power hits we are used to

    38.5 Starc to Russell, OUT, gone next ball! But what a catch from Maxwell! Hit very high in the air, Maxwell backpedals from point and takes a stunner. That ball was swirling and had gone very high, as you'd expect from a Russell hit

    Russell c Maxwell b Starc 15(11)

  • 22:02

    WI 210/5 (38 overs)

    37.1 Zampa to Holder, 1 run.

    37.2 Zampa to Russell, SIX, huge hit and Dre Russ is off the mark! Full ball and powered way over long on. Ominous for the Aussies?

    37.3 Zampa to Russell, DOT.

    37.4 Zampa to Russell, FOUR, full again and this time it is hit straight down the ground. Oh boy, he seems in the mood here

    37.5 Zampa to Russell,DOT.

    37.6 Zampa to Russell, 1 run, to long on

  • 21:58

    WI 198/5 (37 overs)

    Starc is back

    36.1 Starc to Holder, DOT.

    36.2 Starc to Holder, DOT, beats the edge there

    36.3 Starc to Holder, DOT, drives without any feet, misses the edge again

    36.4 Starc to Holder, SIX, top edge and Starc's pace takes it all the way over the fine leg fence. Holder hanging on there

    36.5 Starc to Holder, DOT, moves away from the bumper

    36.6 Starc to Holder, 1 run.

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  • 21:52

    WI 191/5 (36 overs)

    Guess who's in. It's Dre Russ!

    35.1 Zampa to Holder, DOT.

    35.2 Zampa to Holder, DOT, played to cover

    35.3 Zampa to Holder, DOT, Holder goes for the DRS yet again! Bowled full, he got down to sweep, did not connect. No inside edge, impact is umpire's call and it is missing the stumps. Survives again

    35.4 Zampa to Holder, DOT.

    35.5 Zampa to Holder, 1 run, to mid wicket

    35.6 Zampa to Russell, DOT, defended surprisingly

  • 21:49

    WI 190/5 (35 overs)

    34.5 Cummins to Hope, OUT, mistimes the drive, it takes the leading edge, pops up to mid on. Soft dismissal

    Hope c Khawaja b Cummins 68(105)

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  • 21:43

    WI 188/4 (34 overs)

    34.1 Maxwell to Holder, FOUR, outside edge runs away to third man. Handy runs

    34.2 Maxwell to Holder, FOUR, more confidence! Width given, it is fuller too, Holder drives this past cover

    34.3 Maxwell to Holder, 1 run, to long on

    34.4 Maxwell to Hope, DOT.

    34.5 Maxwell to Hope, 1 run, to extra cover

    34.6 Maxwell to Holder, DOT.

  • 21:38

    WI 178/4 (34 overs)

    33.1 Cummins to Holder, DOT.

    33.2 Cummins to Holder, 1 run, short of deep mid wicket. Pulled it off the back foot there

    33.3 Cummins to Hope, DOT, beats the outside edge. That came outta nowhere

    33.4 Cummins to Hope, DOT.

    33.5 Cummins to Hope, FOUR, swivelled away to fine leg. Moved across his sticks and plays it well

    33.6 Cummins to Hope, DOT.

  • 21:34

    WI 173/4 (32 overs)

    31.1 Maxwell to Hope, 2 runs, in the gap for two

    31.2 Maxwell to Hope, DOT.

    31.3 Maxwell to Hope, DOT, wants to cut, cannot time it

    31.4 Maxwell to Hope, DOT.

    31.5 Maxwell to Hope, 2 runs, punches this off the back foot to deep extra cover

    31.6 Maxwell to Hope, 2 runs, excellent running

    That's the drinks break too

  • 21:28

    WI 167/4 (31 overs)

    Cummins is back

    30.1 Cummins to Hope, 1 run, quick single

    30.2 Cummins to Holder, FOUR, Holder is a tall man, so the short one is not short to him, pulls it from his waist to cow corner

    30.3 Cummins to Holder, 1 run, to fine leg

    30.4 Cummins to Hope, DOT.

    30.5 Cummins to Hope, DOT, inside edge onto his body

    30.6 Cummins to Hope, 1 run, steered to third man

  • 21:22

    WI 160/4 (29 overs)

    Skipper Jason Holder comes in at no.6

    28.1 Zampa to Holder, FOUR, cut away well past point. Good shot

    28.2 Zampa to Holder, 1 run, lot of flight and driven to extra cover

    28.3 Zampa to Hope, DOT, googly blocked well

    28.4 Zampa to Hope, 2 runs, full ball driven down the ground, good fielding at long on

    28.5 Zampa to Hope, 1 run.

    28.6 Zampa to Holder, 1 run, full toss driven to long on

  • 21:21

  • 21:17

    WI 149/3 (27.2 overs)

    27.1 Maxwell to Hope, DOT.

    27.2 Maxwell to Hope, OUT, Hetmyer run out! Awful mix up in the middle, Hope punches this past short cover, but Cummins at mid off does well to cut it off. Hetmyer set off as soon as Hope hit it, did not listen to his partner's call and pays the price. Budding partnership nipped in the bud

    Hetmyer run-out (Cummins/Maxwell) 21(28)

  • 21:07

    WI 149/3 (27 overs)

    26.1 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, pulled to mid wicket

    26.2 Coulter-Nile to Hope, FOUR, helped to fine leg. Poor ball

    26.3 Coulter-Nile to Hope, FOUR, creams the drive! On the up and away it goes past cover

    26.4 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, ducks under the short one

    26.5 Coulter-Nile to Hope, 2 runs, pulls again, along the ground past mid wicket

    26.6 Coulter-Nile to Hope, 1 run, fifty for Hope! Gritty innings

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  • 21:02

    WI 126/3 (24 overs)

    23.1 Zampa to Hetmyer, 1 run, off the back foot to long on

    23.2 Zampa to Hope, FOUR, full toss, pulls it to square leg

    23.3 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

    23.4 Zampa to Hope, DOT, needless shout, there was a clear inside edge

    23.5 Zampa to Hope, FOUR, it was short, he pulled it away with great power past short mid wicket

    23.6 Zampa to Hope, 1 run, reads the googly well and pulls it in the same area, there is protection though

  • 20:59

    WI 116/3 (23 overs)

    22.1 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT.

    22.2 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT.

    22.3 Starc to Hetmyer, FOUR, wonderful pull shot! Keeps it along the ground and gets it past mid on

    22.4 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT, great drive but straight to mid off who is standing close to the non-striker's end

    22.5 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT.

    22.6 Starc to Hetmyer, 1 run, full toss, works it away and keeps strike

  • 20:55

    WI 111/3 (22 overs)

    21.1 Zampa to Hetmyer, DOT, defends the googly with a straight bat

    21.2 Zampa to Hetmyer, DOT, cut straight to point

    21.3 Zampa to Hetmyer, DOT.

    21.4 Zampa to Hetmyer, 2 runs, unleashes the cover drive to get two

    21.5 Zampa to Hetmyer, DOT.

    21.6 Zampa to Hetmyer, 1 run, to long on

  • 20:48

    WI 108/3 (21 overs)

    Starc is back. Shimron Hetmyer is the new man in

    20.1 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT, defended

    20.2 Starc to Hetmyer, FOUR leg byes, down leg, it catches his pad on the way to fine leg

    20.3 Starc to Hetmyer, DOT, tries to duck under the bumper and loses his balance

    20.4 Starc to Hetmyer, 1 run, fended off the short ball to square leg

    20.5 Starc to Hope, WIDE, down leg

    20.5 Starc to Hope, DOT, defended to short mid wicket

    20.6 Starc to Hope, DOT, dropped down to the pitch

  • 20:47

  • 20:45

    WI 99/3 (19.1 overs)

    19.1 Zampa to Pooran, OUT, another great catch! Pooran went for the expansive drive but it caught the outside edge and went towards cover. It looks like it will go over him but FInch reaches out to grab it one-handed

    Pooran c Finch b Zampa 40(36)

  • 20:39

    WI 93/2 (18 overs)

    17.1 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

    17.2 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

    17.3 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

    17.4 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

    17.5 Zampa to Hope, FOUR, rocked on to the back foot and punched it past short extra cover

    17.6 Zampa to Hope, 1 run.

  • 20:34

    WI 88/2 (17 overs)

    Another change in bowling and it is Marcus Stoinis

    16.1 Stoinis to Pooran, DOT, defended down the ground

    16.2 Stoinis to Pooran, SIX, that was short, he mistimes the pull Pooran but it flies off the top edge and goes just over the fine leg boundary. 50 partnership comes up

    16.3 Stoinis to Pooran, DOT.

    16.4 Stoinis to Pooran, 1 run.

    16.5 Stoinis to Hope, 1 run, keeps the pull along the ground to square leg

    16.6 Stoinis to Pooran, DOT, ducks under the bumper

  • 20:28

    WI 80/2 (16 overs)

    We are back after the drinks break. Zampa on to the attack.

    14.1 Zampa to Hope, 1 run.

    14.2 Zampa to Pooran, DOT.

    14.3 Zampa to Pooran, DOT, driven straight back, takes Zampa's hands onto the stumps and Hope is in

    14.4 Zampa to Pooran, 1 run, driven in the air but extra cover cannot get his hands to it

    14.5 Zampa to Hope, DOT, messes up the drive, it takes the inside edge

    14.6 Zampa to Hope, DOT.

  • 20:30

  • 20:26

    It was not his day today

  • 20:22

    WI 75/2 (14 overs)

    13.1 Maxwell to Hope, DOT, pitched outside leg and so appeal dies down

    13.2 Maxwell to Hope, DOT, worked to square leg, no run though

    13.3 Maxwell to Hope, 1 run, punched off the back foot, straight to mid off

    13.4 Maxwell to Pooran, DOT, driven to short extra cover

    13.5 Maxwell to Pooran, 1 run.

    13.6 Maxwell to Hope, 1 run, to sweeper cover

  • 20:18

    WI 72/2 (13 overs)

    12.1 Coulter-Nile to Pooran, 1 run, worked to mid wicket

    12.2 Coulter-Nile to Hope, 1 run, short one and Hope pulls, mistimes it but it lands safely at the vacant short fine leg

    12.3 Coulter-Nile to Pooran, 1 run, punched to the man in the deep. He is looking very good out there

    12.4 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, defended to backward point

    12.5 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, does not connect with the pull again. Hope is looking fidgety against the short ball

    12.6 Coulter-Nile to Hope, 1 run, finally gets the pull away and takes a single

  • 20:14

    WI 68/2 (12 overs)

    First signs of spin as Glenn Maxwell comes in to the attack

    11.1 Maxwell to Hope, 1 run, nudged to square leg

    11.2 Maxwell to Pooran, FOUR, rocked back on to the back foot on seeing the short ball and cut it away with great power behind square

    11.3 Maxwell to Pooran, 3 runs, made room and drives it away past extra cover, no boundary though

    11.4 Maxwell to Hope, 1 run, to mid wicket

    11.5 Maxwell to Pooran, 1 run, punched to sweeper cover

    11.6 Maxwell to Hope, DOT.

  • 20:06

    WI 58/2 (11 overs)

    End of first powerplay and West Indies have to play out of their skins here to get out of this jam

    10.1 Cummins to Hope, DOT, hops up, looks to flick but to no avail. Falls down right beside him

    10.2 Cummins to Hope, DOT, Hope is struggling to get going here. He has looked good though but West Indies will hope he does not play a rash shot

    10.3 Cummins to Hope, WIDE, made a late decision to pull and cannot connect. It is down leg

    10.3 Cummins to Hope, WIDE, deemed high despite him ducking under it. Little harsh

    10.3 Cummins to Hope, DOT, short again and that is their plan against Hope. Something will have to give soon

    10.4 Cummins to Hope, DOT, another one and Hope fends it off to short leg, which is vacant

    10.5 Cummins to Hope, WIDE, third of the over and it is way down leg

    10.5 Cummins to Hope, DOT, plays this one to the off side. Still goes short to Hope

    10.6 Cummins to Hope, DOT, another one and he took his eyes off it. Lobs up but does not go to any fielder

  • 20:04

    Gayle reached a milestone in that short cameo!

  • 19:59

    WI 50/2 (9 overs)

    8.1 Cummins to Hope, DOT, defended towards mid on

    8.2 Cummins to Hope, DOT, hops up and plays this one to square leg

    8.3 Cummins to Hope, DOT, tried to hit that out of the park but gets the inside edge, it hits his thigh in the end

    8.4 Cummins to Hope, DOT.

    8.5 Cummins to Hope, DOT, ducks under the bouncer

    Replays are in and Starc bowled a huge no ball just the ball before the Gayle wicket. So the ball he played should have been a free hit. That will generate a controversy surely

    8.6 Cummins to Hope, DOT. Third maiden from Cummins and all of them have been to Hope

  • 19:55

    WI 50/2 (8 overs)

    Change of bowling and it is the star of the day, Nathan Coulter-Nile

    7.1 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, that was creamed but straight to cover

    7.2 Coulter-Nile to Hope, DOT, punched very well but again very close to cover

    7.3 Coulter-Nile to Hope, 1 run, played to mid on and gets off strike

    7.4 Coulter-Nile to Pooran, DOT, mistimes the pull

    7.5 Coulter-Nile to Pooran, FOUR, slightly short, and he pulls him off the front foot to mid wicket. That was a very confident shot

    7.6 Coulter-Nile to Pooran, FOUR, and again! Replay of the previous delivery and brings up Windies' 50

  • 19:51

    WI 41/2 (7 overs)

    6.1 Starc to Pooran, FOUR, driven beautifully past covers. He is up and running

    6.2 Starc to Pooran, 2 runs, flicked away past mid on this time but not as well-timed

    6.3 Starc to Pooran, FOUR, Starc goes full but Pooran is up to it, goes deep in the crease and flicks it away much better this time through mid wicket

    6.4 Starc to Pooran, DOT, defended to cover

    6.5 Starc to Pooran, DOT, played out to point

    6.6 Starc to Pooran, DOT, pushed to mid off

  • 19:48

    WI 31/2 (6 overs)

    Nicolas Pooran comes in at no.4

    5.1 Cummins to Hope, DOT.

    5.2 Cummins to Hope, DOT, driven on the up to cover

    5.3 Cummins to Hope, DOT, ducks under the bumper. Hope has to play the role of Smith to keep Windies in the game

    5.4 Cummins to Hope, DOT, driven well again but mid off cuts it off

    5.5 Cummins to Hope, DOT, ducks under the bouncer again

    5.6 Cummins to Hope, DOT, second maiden from Cummins

  • 19:41

    WI 31/2 (4.5 overs)

    4.1 Starc to Hope, DOT.

    4.2 Starc to Hope, DOT, good techniique and comes forward to defend

    4.3 Starc to Hope, WIDE.

    4.3 Starc to Hope, 1 run, on the leg stump, worked away to fine leg

    4.4 Starc to Gayle, 2 runs, yorks him but Gayle digs it out to square leg

    4.5 Starc to Gayle, OUT, third review from Gayle! That looked plumb to be honest, was full and coming into Gayle, no inside edge, and Hawk eye shows umpire's call on wickets. So Gayle walks but West Indies keep the review

    Gayle lbw b Starc 21(17)

  • 19:36

    WI 27/1 (4 overs)

    3.1 Cummins to Hope, DOT, defended

    3.2 Cummins to Hope, 1 run, eased to fine leg

    3.3 Cummins to Gayle, FOUR, full ball, clears his front leg and get this over mid off. Easy as you like!

    3.4 Cummins to Gayle, FOUR, short ball and Gayle punishes him. Clears the front leg again, and pulls it to deep mid wicket

    3.5 Cummins to Gayle, 2 runs, hits this high again and it just lands past a back pedalling mid on

    3.6 Cummins to Gayle, FOUR, third one for the over! Pulls this again, this time wide of deep mid wicket

  • 19:40

  • 19:29

    WI 12/1 (3 overs)

    2.1 Starc to Gayle, DOT, defended back to the bowler

    2.2 Starc to Gayle, DOT, slapped away to cover, and it just fell short of him. What a wicket that would have been!

    2.3 Starc to Gayle, DOT, tries to slog it Gayle but it beats him. That wicket has rattled the Windies a bit

    2.4 Starc to Gayle, FOUR, that kicked on from a length, surprised Gayle! Takes his glove and flies over Carey

    2.5 Starc to Gayle, DOT, and he is gone this time! It took the inside edge but Gayle takes the DRS for some reason. Oh there is no inside edge! That has hit the stump, but not dislodged the bails and that's why he took the review. Sigh of relief!

    2.6 Starc to Gayle, WIDE, too high

    2.6 Starc to Gayle, DOT, Gayle for a DRS a second time! The umpire thought long and hard before raising the finger and that seems outside leg. And he survives again!

  • 19:27

    WI 7/1 (2 overs)

    Shai Hope in at no.3

    1.5 Cummins to Hope, DOT, flicked away to mid wicket

    1.6 Cummins to Hope, DOT, just past the stumps. Kept low and deceived Hope, who could do nothing about it

  • 19:23

    WI 7/1 (1.4 over)

    Cummins from the other end

    1.1 Cummins to Lewis, DOT, angled across, left alone

    1.2 Cummins to Lewis, DOT, great ball! Lands it on a length, moves away to beat the outside edge of Lewis

    1.3 Cummins to Lewis, DOT, driven to mid on

    1.4 Cummins to Lewis, OUT, first one down. Another good length ball on off stump, Lewis tries to push, gets the edge and goes straight to second slip

    Lewis c Smith b Cummins 1(5)

  • 19:07

    WI 7/0 (1 over)

    Evin Lewis and Chris Gayle make their way to the middle. These will need to tee off quickly, it will be easy against the likes of Starc and co. but they are certainly capable.

    Starc with the new ball to Chris Gayle, with two slips for the edge

    0.1 Starc to Gayle, FOUR WIDES, down leg first ball, Thomas started the same way! Coincidences

    0.1 Starc to Gayle,1 run, played to fine leg

    0.2 Starc to Lewis, 1 run, nudged away to fine leg again

    0.3 Starc to Gayle, DOT, defended down the pitch

    0.4 Starc to Gayle, DOT, short one, outside off though. Left alone

    0.5 Starc to Gayle, DOT, defended again. So he's not on the attack right away

    Someone shouts out, "Come on, Gayle!"

    0.6 Starc to Gayle, DOT, he does not oblige. Shoulders arms

  • 19:05

    Take a look at that blinder to dismiss Smith

  • 18:49

    Aus 288 (49)

    48.2 Brathwaite to Nathan Coulter, OUT! Nathan Coulter-Nile holes out! End of a outstanding knock from him. The whole crowd is on its feet and so are the players in the balcony. A well-deserved standing ovation. His innings has take Australia to a total which is more than defendable. Brathwaite bowls this full and outside off, Coulter-Nile looks to go downtown but does not get it off the middle. It goes high up in the air towards long off where Holder takes it.

    Coulter-Nile c Holder b Brathwaite 92(60)

    48.6 Brathwaite to M. Starc, OUT, That is the end of the Australian innings! Brathwaite gets the last wicket, second in the over and third overall. Bowls this one full and on middle, Star looks to clear the long on fence but does not get the desired distance. Holder there runs to his left and takes a good catch. AUSTRALIA END ON 288!

    Starc c Holder b Brathwaite 8(9)

  • 18:35

    Aus 277/7 (47 overs)

    46.1 Brathwaite to Cummins, OUT, short ball, looked to pull, but mistimes it to Cottrell, and he takes it easily this time. Brings Starc to the crease

    Cummins c Cottrell b Brathwaite 2(6)

    46.2 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, hits it over the covers!

    46.3 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, the slower ball is dispatched to deep mid wicket. He has raced to 88 all of a sudden now!

    46.4 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, to long off

    46.5 Brathwaite to Starc, DOT, short ball, even for Starc, who cannot get it away

    46.6 Brathwaite to Starc, DOT, does not want the single

  • 18:28

    Aus 268/7 (46 overs)

    Cottrell is brought back by Holder. Pat Cummins comes in at no.9

    45.1 Cottrell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, round of applause for Gayle! Gets down low to field it at fine leg

    45.2 Cottrell to Cummins, 1 run, to third man

    45.3 Cottrell to Coulter-Nile, SIX, short one and Coulter-Nile dispatches it in front of square leg

    45.4 Cottrell to Coulter-Nile, SIX, that's huge! Picks this up to get it way into the stands at long on. Goes to 79 and that is the highest WC score for a no.8 batsman

    45.5 Cottrell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run.

    45.6 Cottrell to Cummins, 1 run, to cover

  • 18:26

  • 18:19

    Aus 249/7 (44.2 overs)

    Oshane Thomas is back.

    44.1 Thomas to Smith, FOUR, lifted over the covers and he is going to attack!

    44.2 Thomas to Smith, OUT, brilliant catch at fine leg! Smith flicks this away from outside off and it was going to go all the way but Cottrell gets one hand to it, realizes the momentum will take him over, throws it in the air and comes back out to take it. Needed something special to get Smith and he has provided that. Big round of the applause from the crowd

    Smith c Cottrell b Thomas 73(103)

  • 18:14

    Aus 233/6 (43 overs)

    42.1 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT.

    42.2 Brathwaite to Smith, WIDE, that is their 20th wide!

    42.2 Brathwaite to Smith, FOUR, edged and runs away to third man

    42.3 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, worked to mid wicket

    42.4 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, 2 runs, slogged to cow corner and he gets to his fifty. Brilliant innings, first ODI half-century too!

    42.5 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, SIX, that is clobbered over long on. Excellent shot!

    42.6 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, late cut to third man

  • 18:13

    The best kind of encouragement!

  • 18:11

    Aus 218/6 (42 overs)

    41.1 Nurse to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, punched to sweeper cover

    41.2 Nurse to Smith, 1 run, worked away to deep mid wicket

    41.3 Nurse to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, mix-up in the middle and he survives in the end

    41.4 Nurse to Smith, DOT.

    41.5 Nurse to Smith, DOT.

    41.6 Nurse to Smith, 1 run, driven to long off

  • 18:05

    Aus 214/6 (41 overs)

    Russell is off the field. Brathwaite is back

    40.1 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run.

    40.2 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, full toss on leg stump and Coulter-NIle puts it away easily. Gets to 44, what an innings it has been

    40.3 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, cut away to third man

    Smith pulls out of the stance at the last minute, some issues with the sightscreen

    40.4 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT.

    40.5 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, dabbed down to third man

    40.6 Brathwaite to Coulter-Nile, 1 run.

  • 17:57

    Aus 202/6 (39 overs)

    38.1 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, defended to backward point

    38.2 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, defends this slower delivery down the pitch

    38.3 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, short ball and he cannot connect with his hook

    38.4 Russell to Coulter-Nile, SIX, easily done! On his pads, and he flicks it away beautifully over deep mid wicket. 200 up for Australia

    38.5 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, looked to pull that away but could not connect

    Russell pulls out of the run up and just checks his knee

    38.6 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, short one played to deep backward square leg

  • 17:52

    Aus 189/6 (37 overs)

    36.1 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    36.2 Russell to Smith, 1 run, to square leg

    36.3 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, big appeal from Russell there. Looked to be going down leg

    36.4 Russell to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, pulled away with a quick turn and he gets it away to the boundary

    36.5 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 2 runs, cross batted shot away past short mid wicket

    36.6 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, to fine leg

  • 17:55

  • 17:47

    Aus 181/6 (36 overs)

    35.1 Cottrell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, dug out to third man

    35.2 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, that took the glove but just fell short of the keeper. Would have been the big wicket they needed

    35.3 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, mistimes the drive to cover

    35.4 Cottrell to Smith, FOUR, wide outside off, somehow cut it away to third man. That is fifty for Smith! Very good innings

    35.5 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, loud no from Smith

    35.6 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run, quick single, stumps broken at the bowler's end but he is in safely

  • 17:39

    Aus 175/6 (35 overs)

    34.1 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, goes under his attempted cut

    34.2 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, saw the slower delivery early but could not cut it away

    34.3 Russell to Coulter-Nile, FOUR, short ball and he hooked that along the ground. That raced away to the fence in a jiffy

    34.4 Russell to Coulter-Nile, WIDE, sensibly ducks under this one. Deemed too high

    34.4 Russell to Coulter-Nile, WIDE, and another. Too short from Russell

    34.4 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 2 runs, slogged it away, went very very high in the air but does not go the distance nor goes to the boundary

    34.5 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, great yorker and dug out even better by Coulter-Nile

    34.6 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, quick single taken

  • 17:33

    Aus 152/6 (33 overs)

    Smith gets some treatment on his finger after that hit on the glove. Russell also getting some massages for his knee, just loosening it up a little bit

    32.1 Russell to Coulter-Nile, DOT, punched off the back foot, he shouts "wait, wait, wait!" to Smith

    32.2 Russell to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, driven very well, Holder at extra cover stops it well too. They cross over to get to 150

    32.3 Russell to Smith, DOT, played to mid on

    32.4 Russell to Smith, DOT, bumper, ducks under it

    32.5 Russell to Smith, DOT, defends down the ground

    32.6 Russell to Smith, 3 runs, driven past cover and runs three to keep strike

  • 17:28

    Aus 149/6 (32 overs)

    Nathan Coulter-Nile walks in at no.8. Meanwhile Oshane Thomas is back to rattle the new batsman

    31.1 Thomas to Coulter-Nile, DOT.

    31.2 Thomas to Coulter-Nile, DOT, incoming yorker, Nathan digs it out well

    31.3 Thomas to Coulter-Nile, DOT, little short and it gets the edge, no close in fielder to take it though

    31.4 Thomas to Coulter-Nile, DOT, ducks under this one

    31.5 Thomas to Coulter-Nile, 1 run, little inside edge and Smith calls him through. Good awareness from Smith

    31.6 Thomas to Smith, DOT, rose at him from a length and surprises Smith, cops it on the glove. Big roar from the crowd as well, they enjoyed it

  • 17:26

  • 17:21

    Aus 147/6 (30.4 overs)

    Dre Russ is back. He has some knee concerns so surprising he is bowling

    30.1 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    30.2 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    30.3 Russell to Smith, 1 run, quick single to mid on. He is very good at these, stealing singles whenever possible

    30.4 Russell to Carey, OUT, Russell breaks the partnership! On a length, it was not fast at all, angled across Carey, he was looking to steer it down to third man, takes the edge and simple catch for the keeper

    Carey c Hope b Russell 45(55)

  • 17:17

    Aus 146/5 (30 overs)

    29.1 Nurse to Smith, DOT, front foot defence from Smith

    29.2 Nurse to Smith, DOT, well fielded by Nurse. Dived to stop it

    29.3 Nurse to Smith, 1 run, to sweeper cover

    29.4 Nurse to Carey, DOT.

    29.5 Nurse to Carey, 1 run, driven down to long on

    29.6 Nurse to Smith, 1 run, quick single to cover

    That will the second drinks break

  • 17:17

    Carey has given Smith good company to stabilise Australia

  • 17:10

    Aus 137/5 (28 overs)

    Another bowling change as Ashley Nurse comes into the attack

    27.1 Nurse to Smith, 1 run, inside edge straight away! Lucky that it did not go to the stumps

    27.2 Nurse to Carey, FOUR, that is the sign of confidence! Little full, Carey got down low and reverse swept this past gully

    27.3 Nurse to Carey, 1 run, to long on

    27.4 Nurse to Smith, DOT, drives this well but cover fielder stopped it well

    27.5 Nurse to Smith, 1 run.

    27.6 Nurse to Carey, 1 run, to deep extra cover

  • 17:05

    Aus 129/5 (27 overs)

    26.1 Holder to Smith, DOT, firm no from Smith.

    26.2 Holder to Smith, 1 run, very well driven and fielded well at mid off too. Windies do not look off the boil despite not getting a wicket for a while

    26.3 Holder to Carey, FOUR, he has got his eye in. Not all that full, but had some width and he drives this through the covers. The classic southpaw poise to go with it

    26.4 Holder to Carey, DOT.

    26.5 Holder to Carey, 2 runs, short on the leg side, eased down to fine leg. Couple taken

    26.6 Holder to Carey, DOT, leaves it alone

  • 17:02

    Aus 122/5 (26 overs)

    25.1 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run, towards square leg

    25.2 Cottrell to Carey, DOT, short ball and he ducks. He is picking the balls he wants to put away

    25.3 Cottrell to Carey, 1 run, first slip cannot get to it quick enough and no surprises why (it is Gayle stationed there)

    25.4 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, ducks under the bumper. Smith has attacked only of them so far

    25.5 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run, driven on the up to third man

    25.6 Cottrell to Carey, DOT, short again

  • 16:57

    Aus 119/5 (25 overs)

    24.1 Holder to Smith, FOUR, oh so unfortunate! Short ball and Smith pulls this, Cottrell at fine leg was running in to cut it off, loses his footing and concedes the boundary. Cottrell ran the other way initially and that put him off

    24.2 Holder to Smith, 3 runs.

    24.3 Holder to Carey, DOT, past the edge this time. Pulls his bat back in at the last instant

    24.4 Holder to Carey, 1 run, quick single. These two are running well and communicating even better. Early calls and complementing each other

    24.5 Holder to Smith, 1 run, defended softly to mid wicket and gets to the other side

    24.6 Holder to Carey, DOT.

  • 17:01

  • 16:53

    Aus 110/5 (24 overs)

    Sheldon Cottrell is back in the attack

    23.1 Cottrell to Carey, DOT.

    23.2 Cottrell to Carey, FOUR, cut away this wide, short ball over gully. 100 up for Australia

    23.3 Cottrell to Carey, FOUR, replay of the previous ball. Predictable from Cottrell and Carey is looking good out there

    23.4 Cottrell to Carey, 1 run, smart batting, steals the quick single after those two boundaries

    23.5 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run, tucked to square leg

    23.6 Cottrell to Carey, FOUR, beautiful again! Width on a full ball, Carey creams this past the covers. Looking very classy with his shots

  • 16:48

    Aus 96/5 (23 overs)

    22.1 Thomas to Smith, 1 run, to deep mid wicket

    22.2 Thomas to Carey, DOT, punched very well off the back foot but straight to cover. A good shot after a long time from Carey

    22.3 Thomas to Carey, FOUR, another good shot and gets his first boundary! Little short, he arches back a bit and steered this over third slip. Controlled shot and it came off for him finally

    22.4 Thomas to Carey, DOT, short ball again and he sways away this time

    22.5 Thomas to Carey, FOUR, fuller one and Carey drives this past mid off. Great shot again.

    22.6 Thomas to Carey, 1 run, great running.

  • 16:45

    Aus 86/5 (22 overs)

    Holder round the wicket to the left-hander

    21.1 Holder to Carey, DOT.

    21.2 Holder to Carey, DOT, defended to point

    21.3 Holder to Carey, DOT, slightly short, dropped down towards mid wicket

    21.4 Holder to Carey, DOT, short again and you get the feeling Carey is getting restless. They have not allowed him to get away

    21.5 Holder to Carey, DOT.

    21.6 Holder to Carey, DOT. Second maiden for Holder!

  • 16:41

    Aus 86/5 (21 overs)

    20.1 Thomas to Carey, DOT.

    20.2 Thomas to Carey, DOT, leaves this length ball alone

    20.3 Thomas to Carey, 1 run, controlled the steer to third man

    20.4 Thomas to Smith, DOT.

    20.5 Thomas to Smith, 1 run, full on leg stump, Smith casually picks his front foot out of the way and get it away to deep mid wicket

    20.6 Thomas to Carey, 1 run, drives this one, gets the edge and it goes just over gully. Would have been another!

  • 16:37

    Aus 83/5 (20 overs)

    19.1 Holder to Carey, DOT, drops this towards third slip

    19.2 Holder to Carey, DOT, short one and Carey plays it well, with soft hands. No chance of an edge

    19.3 Holder to Carey, DOT, shoulders arms to one that is angled across him on a length

    19.4 Holder to Carey, DOT, defended well. He has come out looking to be watchful

    19.5 Holder to Carey, 1 leg byes, short again, climbs onto him, hits his body and they cross over

    19.6 Holder to Smith, DOT, ducks under the bumper again

  • 16:40

  • 16:32

    Aus 82/5 (19 overs)

    Oshane Thomas is back

    18.1 Thomas to Smith, DOT.

    18.2 Thomas to Smith, DOT, full, incoming delivery, Smith digs it out

    18.3 Thomas to Smith, DOT, tucks it to square leg

    18.4 Thomas to Smith, DOT.

    18.5 Thomas to Smith, WIDE, down leg. Oshane needs to control his deliveries better, too many extras

    18.5 Thomas to Smith, DOT, surprised him with the short one, Smith hit it in the air but fell short of backward square leg

    18.6 Thomas to Smith, WIDE, and another!

    18.6 Thomas to Smith, DOT, refuses the single

  • 16:27

    Aus 80/5 (18 overs)

    17.1 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, said wait on first but ran when Carlos could not get to the ball

    17.2 Brathwaite to Carey, DOT, comes round the wicket and that was angled across to Carey. Holder goes for the DRS on the lbw decision! No inside edge there, and Hawk eye shows it to be missing the stumps. Carey survives!

    17.3 Brathwaite to Carey, DOT, drops this one beside him

    17.4 Brathwaite to Carey, DOT, inside edge on that one, lobbed up off the pad but Carlos could not get to it in time

    17.5 Brathwaite to Carey, DOT, bouncer outside off and Carey sways away

    17.6 Brathwaite to Carey, DOT.

  • 16:25

    Aus 79/5 (17 overs)

    Alex Carey comes in at no.7

    16.2 Holder to Carey, DOT.

    16.3 Holder to Carey, DOT, that length ball kept rising. Carey leaves it alone

    16.4 Holder to Carey, DOT, replay of the previous delivery

    16.5 Holder to Carey, DOT.

    16.6 Holder to Carey, DOT, shoulders arms. Wicket maiden! What an over from the skipper

  • 16:23

  • 16:22

    Aus 79/5 (16.1 overs)

    16.1 Holder to Stoinis, OUT, poor shot. Stoinis looked to pull this away, it is not short enough, and that one carried straight to short mid wicket. Windies get the momentum back

    Stoinis c Pooran b Holder 19(23)

  • 16:18

    Aus 79/4 (16 overs)

    15.1 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, not often that Smith is beaten but this incoming one hits his body

    15.2 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT.

    15.3 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, wanted the run there but Stoinis was not running for that. Turns back in time

    15.4 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, another bumper, another duck

    15.5 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, defends this length ball to the leg side

    15.6 Brathwaite to Smith, FOUR, driven on the up, great wrists from Smith there! No maiden then

  • 16:15

    Aus 75/4 (15 overs)

    14.1 Holder to Smith, DOT, says no to the single there

    14.2 Holder to Smith, 1 run, played away to fine leg

    14.3 Holder to Stoinis, 1 run, fast hands to get it to square leg

    14.4 Holder to Smith, DOT, defended towards mid on

    14.5 Holder to Smith, DOT, bouncer and Smith does not want to do anything with it

    14.6 Holder to Smith, 1 run, tucked away off the middle stump

  • 16:09

    Aus 72/4 (14 overs)

    13.1 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT.

    13.2 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, shuffles across and tucks this from off to fine leg

    13.3 Brathwaite to Stoinis, 1 run, quick single and good, early call from Smith there

    13.4 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, ducks under the bouncer. Will look to attack the next one, I think

    13.5 Brathwaite to Smith, WIDE, angled across Smith and that is wide of leg stump too

    13.5 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, does not want to play the bouncers Smith. Ducks again

    13.6 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, pulls it along the ground

    That will be the first drinks break

  • 16:12

  • 16:05

    Aus 68/4 (13 overs)

    Its the Windies skipper to bowl now

    12.1 Holder to Stoinis, DOT, defended back to the bowler

    12.2 Holder to Stoinis, DOT.

    12.3 Holder to Stoinis, FOUR, full ball and Stoinis again pushes this past the bowler. Was in the air for a bit but Holder with his big frame cannot get down quickly enough

    12.4 Holder to Stoinis, FOUR, full again and presents a straight bat to get it down the ground. Two wonderful groundstrokes those!

    12.5 Holder to Stoinis, DOT.

    12.6 Holder to Stoinis, DOT, defended to the off side

  • 16:00

    Aus 60/4 (12 overs)

    11.1 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, defended down the pitch

    11.2 Brathwaite to Smith, 1 run, nudged to square leg

    11.3 Brathwaite to Stoinis, DOT, punched to cover

    11.4 Brathwaite to Stoinis, 1 run, on his body and gets it away to short fine leg

    11.5 Brathwaite to Smith, DOT, ducks under the bumper

    11.6 Brathwaite to Smith, FOUR, little wide and he punches this beautifully past cover and extra cover

  • 16:00

  • 15:54

    Aus 54/4 (11 overs)

    End of first powerplay and Windies will be the happier side

    10.1 Russell to Smith, FOUR, full toss and that is hit straight past Russell. Fifty up for Australia

    10.2 Russell to Smith, 1 run, shuffles across and tucks this away to square leg, yells a loud no for the second

    10.3 Russell to Stoinis, WIDE, that seemed harsh and Russell makes it known. Has a massive frown on his face, it was only a little high

    10.3 Russell to Stoinis, DOT, short again and Stoinis hops up to defend

    10.4 Russell to Stoinis, DOT, animated no from Stoinis there. Is he frustrated or excited? We don't know

    10.5 Russell to Stoinis, DOT, bumper yet again and Stoinis sways away from its line

    10.6 Russell to Stoinis, DOT.

  • 15:50

    Aus 48/4 (10 overs)

    Carlos Brathwaite is the second bowling change for Windies

    9.1 Brathwaite to Stoinis, DOT, played to short mid wicket

    9.2 Brathwaite to Stoinis, FOUR, great shot! Too full and Stoinis pushed this past mid on, and that was confident

    9.3 Brathwaite to Stoinis, DOT, shoulders arms and that was not far from the off stump

    9.4 Brathwaite to Stoinis, DOT, kept coming into him and Stoinis edged this, falls short of point though

    9.5 Brathwaite to Stoinis, DOT, dropped down to short mid wicket

    9.6 Brathwaite to Stoinis, FOUR, short one but not threatening at Brathwaite's pace, Stoinis pulls it away to backward square leg

  • 15:45

    Aus 40/4 (9 overs)

    Marcus Stoinis is in way earlier than he would have liked

    8.1 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    8.2 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    8.3 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    8.4 Russell to Smith, DOT.

    8.5 Russell to Smith, WIDE, short, down the leg side too. Russell not too happy with the call

    8.5 Russell to Smith, DOT, and again. Usual for Smith though, he'll want to see out his hostile spell

    8.6 Russell to Smith, WIDE, too high again and Russell fell over on the follow through!

    8.6 Russell to Smith, DOT.

  • 15:44

  • 15:39

    Aus 38/4 (7.4 overs)

    Glenn Maxwell comes in, who wass forever been waiting to become a consistent batsman

    7.1 Cottrell to Smith, DOT.

    7.2 Cottrell to Smith, WIDE, just too high again. Smith is not all that tall too

    7.2 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run.

    7.3 Cottrell to Maxwell, DOT, punches this short one to cover

    7.4 Cottrell to Maxwell, DOT, what is happening out there? Brain fade from Maxwell. Short again from Cottrell, on the body this time, Maxwell looks to pull, not in control in a 1000 years, it lobs up and Hope gobbles it up

    Maxwell c Hope b Cottrell 0(2)

  • 15:33

    Aus 36/3 (7 overs)

    Dre Russ to bowl!

    6.1 Russell to Smith, 1 run, beautiful cut but there is a third man to mop up

    6.2 Russell to Khawaja, DOT, dropped down to the pitch

    6.3 Russell to Khawaja, DOT, beaten! First signs of width, and it was fuller, Khawaja misses his expansive drive

    6.4 Russell to Khawaja, 2 runs, short again and it goes over the man at leg gully, who is wearing a helmet! Usman comes back for two

    6.5 Russell to Khawaja,DOT, short again and he cops a blow on the helmet again. Not as vicious as the Thomas one though so not such an issue

    6.6 Russell to Khawaja, OUT, blinder from Hope! Usman makes some room for the drive, got it on a length, he goes for the drive, edges it and Hope dives to his left to take it one-handed. Brilliant start for West Indies!

    Khawaja c Hope b Russell

  • 15:32

  • 15:30

    Aus 33/2 (6 overs)

    5.1 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, defends the short one

    5.2 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, little hesitation between the two and they abandon the run

    5.3 Cottrell to Smith, DOT, says no very early this time

    5.4 Cottrell to Smith, 1 run, opens the face to get this one to third man

    5.5 Cottrell to Khawaja, DOT, defends this to the off side. It is short again, by the way

    5.6 Cottrell to Khawaja, DOT.

  • 15:25

    Aus 32/2 (5 overs)

    Steve Smith is the new man in

    4.1 Thomas to Khawaja, DOT, defended with a straight bat

    4.2 Thomas to Khawaja, DOT.

    4.3 Thomas to Khawaja, 1 byes.

    4.4 Thomas to Smith, 1 run, typical Smith shuffle and he tucks it away wide of fine leg who gets to it very quickly to prevent the second

    4.5 Thomas to Khawaja, DOT, they are definitely looking to rattle Usman here. Gets another short one, but he cannot pull it away

    4.6 Thomas to Khawaja, FOUR, swivels this past fine leg. Good comeback!

  • 15:19

    Aus 26/2 (4 overs)

    3.1 Cottrell to Khawaja, 1 run, towards fine leg

    3.2 Cottrell to Warner, DOT, screams wait on to Khawaja, he wasn't even running!

    3.3 Cottrell to Warner, 1 run, played away to deep mid wicket

    3.4 Cottrell to Khawaja, DOT, they are going short to Khawaja. He defends this one well though

    3.5 Cottrell to Khawaja, 1 run, flicked away to square leg

    3.6 Cottrell to Warner, WIDE, that one is deemed too high as Warner sways away

    3.6 Cottrell to Warner, OUT, another one! Warner looks to drive that, it is not full enough, he checks it at the last moment and it goes into the hands of point, who is standing close to the stumps. Both openers back in the hut

    Warner c Hetmyer b Cottrell 3(8)

  • 15:15

    Aus 22/1 (3 overs)

    Usman Khawaja walks in at 3. He has an average of 59 this year and is in good form

    2.3 Thomas to Khawaja, WIDE, down leg

    2.4 Thomas to Khawaja, DOT.

    2.5 Thomas to Khawaja, FOUR, just pushed past mid on and it races away

    2.5 Thomas to Khawaja, WIDE, too high

    2.5 Thomas to Khawaja, DOT, that's a nasty bumper. Very quick, and it hits Usman on the helmet. The Australian physio checks the helmet but that must have rattled him bad. He has a smile on his face though!

    2.6 Thomas to Khawaja, 1 run, to third man

  • 15:18

  • 15:13

    Aus 15/1 (2.2 overs)

    2.1 Thomas to Finch, DOT.

    2.2 Thomas to Finch, OUT, EDGED AND TAKEN! Oshane Thomas bowls an absolute beauty to get rid of the Aussie skipper. He lands this on off and then gets it to straighten. Finch is squared up as he tries to defend. The ball kisses the outside edge and goes into the hands of the keeper.

    Finch c Hope b Thomas 6(10)

  • 15:05

    Aus 15/0 (2 overs)

    Replays are in and they show that Warner had inside edged that no ball off Thomas. So would have survived anyhow. It's Sheldon Cottrell from the other end.

    1.1 Cottrell to Finch, 1 run.

    1.2 Cottrell to Warner, DOT, animated no from Finch there after Warner looked for the single

    1.3 Cottrell to Warner, 1 leg byes, length on the leg stump, tapped towards square leg

    1.4 Cottrell to Finch, 2 runs, big full toss and Finch gets it past point. Back for a couple'

    1.5 Cottrell to Finch, DOT, short ball played to point

    1.6 Cottrell to Finch, 1 run, short ball played to short fine

  • 14:59

    Aus 10/0 (1 over)

    David Warner will take strike against Oshane Thomas. 2 slips in place

    0.1 Thomas to Warner, FOUR WIDES, wayward start, swinging down leg and the keeper cannot get a hold of it. Inauspicious start, says Bishop on air

    0.1 Thomas to Warner, 1 run, past point, he wanted the second but his skip says no

    0.2 Thomas to Finch, 1 run, very full and a little outside edge off the drive to third man

    0.3 Thomas to Warner, NO BALL, swing again, that was a clear lbw. Warner was gone if it was a legal ball. Free hit!

    0.3 Thomas to Warner,1 run, hits it in the air to mid on, who shells it, would have made no difference

    0.4 Thomas to Finch, DOT, left alone

    0.5 Thomas to Finch, DOT, chases after it Finch and it flies past his outside edge

    0.6 Thomas to Finch, 1 run, quick single

  • 14:54

    Out walk the Australian openers

    Skipper Aaron FInch walks out with David Warner and if these two get going, they'll create some real problems for West Indies. Both of them got fifties against Afghanistan and their limited overs' record is fearsome to say the least. Expect some major fireworks if they manage to see off the new ball and get their eye in.

    Jason Holder, as usual is the tallest of the group of Windies players in the huddle, only Chris Gayle maybe does not seem like a dwarf compared to him. A short talk by him and off they go.

  • 14:53

    Teams walk out for the national anthems!

    West Indies' anthem is played first, followed by that of Australia

  • 14:46

    West Indies' main threat today?

  • 14:42

    Team News

    West Indies XI - Chris Gayle, Evin Lewis, Shai Hope(WK), Nicholas Pooran, Shimron Hetmyer, Andre Russell, Jason Holder(C), Carlos Brathwaite, Ashley Nurse, Sheldon Cottrell, Oshane Thomas

    Australia XI- Aaron Finch (C), David Warner, Usman Khawaja, Steve Smith, Glenn Maxwell, Marcus Stoinis, Alex Carey (WK), Nathan Coulter-Nile, Pat Cummins, Mitchell Starc, Adam Zampa

  • 14:36

  • 14:30

    WI win toss; choose to bowl first

    Holder towers over Finch as they wait for the toss.

    Holder calls it right and West Indies are going to bowl first, no surprises there. Evin Lewis comes in to open again in place of Darren Bravo.

    Finch would have wanted to bat first, he says. No changes for Australia

  • 14:27

    Whose side are you on?

  • 14:16

    First real test for Australia

    Australia have been bolstered no doubt by the returns of David Warner and Steve Smith, the former scoring 89 in the chase against Afghanistan and having a stellar IPL season, but they will nevertheless be wary of the volatile West Indies team.

    The four-pronged pace attack, led by skipper Jason Holder, blew Pakistan apart in their first game. They possess a lot of pace and have the potential to trouble Australia, even with their batting. Everyone knows about Chris Gayle; he also scored a quickfire fifty against Pakistan, but the Windies also bat deep, with skipper Jason Holder himself batting at no.8 and capable of hitting more than a few lusty blows. You can read our preview of the game here.

    It will be an interesting match-up to say the least and going by the games this week, we expect another thriller to be played out. Stay tuned for live updates on the toss!