74% Indians support taxing super-rich to address global inequality, climate change: Survey

The survey by the Earth4All initiative and Global Commons Alliance covered 22,000 citizens in the world's largest economies.
Last Updated : 24 June 2024, 01:49 IST

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Mumbai: Eighty one per cent of those Indians surveyed support a shift to “wellbeing economies” which have a stronger focus on health and environment than a narrow focus on economic growth, according to a report by Earth4All and Global Commons Alliance.

This was indicated in a new survey of adult citizens in 18 of the world’s largest economies (G20 countries) that revealed majority support for tax reforms and broader political and economic reform.

“Indian want a giant leap on climate and nature: 68 per cent demand dramatic reforms across all economic sectors within the next decade. This is a strong mandate for planetary stewardship that cannot be ignored,” said Owen Gaffney, co-lead Earth4All. 

“Indians want a fair economic transformation: 74 per cent support taxing wealth. Tax on high incomes, and corporations to fund climate initiatives, alongside a ‘polluter pays’ approach with income redistribution are also strongly supported. In India, support for progressive policies is overwhelming: 71 per cent endorse Universal Basic Income, 74 per cent support policies that encourage healthy diets to cut emissions, and 76 per cent seek better work-life balance. Among G20 countries, India shows the strongest support for a universal basic income, around 71 per cent,” Gaffney was quoted as saying in a press statement.

Sixty-eight per cent of Indians believe the world needs to take dramatic action in the next decade across all sectors of the economy: Electricity generation, transport, buildings, industry and food, the report said.

Indians show strong support for policies that ensure equal gender representation in government & business leadership roles (72 per cent) and also that support a better work-life balance (76 per cent). This is higher than the average of G20 countries.

“Around 86 per cent feel having a democratic political system is good for governing the country. But 71 per cent indicate that having a strong leader who does not have to bother with elections or parliament is a good way to govern,” the report said. 

The support for a wealth tax on wealthy people is highest in Indonesia (86 per cent), Turkey (78 per cent), the UK (77 per cent) and India (74 per cent). The support is lowest in Saudi Arabia and Argentina (54 per cent), but still over half the respondents surveyed. In the United States, France and Germany, around two in three of those surveyed support a wealth tax on wealthy people.

“Science demands a giant leap to address the planetary crisis, climate change and to protect nature. And 71% of citizens in 18 G20 countries surveyed support immediate action within the next decade to reduce carbon emissions,” added Jane Madgwick, Executive Director at the Global Commons Alliance.

The survey, commissioned by Earth4All and the Global Commons Alliance, explored support for economic and political transformation in 18 of the G20 nations.

Published 24 June 2024, 01:49 IST

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