Air manoeuvres steal the show at Republic Day parade

A flypast by 75 aircrafts and helicopters left spectators and onlookers at Rajpath stunned
Last Updated 26 January 2022, 09:40 IST

A flypast, comprising a number of formations, displayed by 75 aircraft and helicopters of the Indian Air Force left onlookers of the Republic Day parade at Rajpath stunned on Wednesday morning.

Vintage, as well as current modern aircraft and helicopters, including Rafale, Sukhoi, Jaguar, Mi-17, Sarang, Apache and Dakota carriers, displayed different formations, such as Rahat, Meghna, Eklavya, Trishul, Tiranga, Vijay and Amrit.

Precision at tremendous speeds and thundering aerobatics done with professional skill was on display at Rajpath in the national capital.

The Rahat contingent comprised five LHA flying in an 'arrowhead' formation, which flew past over the water channel to the north of Rajpath. The Meghna contingent, comprising CH-47 Chinook in lead and four Mi-17 1V in echelon, also flew in the five 'arrowhead' formation.

The Eklavya contingent, consisting of Mi-35 in lead with four Apache helicopters in echelon, also took the 'arrowhead' formation, while the Tangail contingent, comprising a Dakota in lead with two Dornier in echelon, flew in a 'vic' formation. The Traan contingent, comprising a C17 and two C 130As in echelon, also flew in the 'vic' formation.

The Netra contingent, comprising an x AEW&C with two MiG 29 UPG and two Su-30 MKI in echelon, flew in the 'arrowhead' formation, after the Traan contingent. The Vinaash contingent comprised five Rafale jets taking the 'arrowhead' formation.

Following Vinaash, the Baaz contingent, comprising one Rafale, two Jaguar, two MiG-29 UPG and Su-30 MI, flew in a 'seven-Arrowhead' formation. The Trishul contingent, comprising three Su-30 MKIs flying in 'vic' formation followed, a minute after the Baaz contingent approached the dais. The contingent pulled up and outward for the Trishul manoeuvre.

The Varuna contingent comprised one P8-i with two MiG-29K in the echelon to take a 'vic' formation, followed by five Sarang (ALH) taking a 'ladder' formation, streaming the colours of the national flag.

A Rafale jet also flew in at 900 kmph behind the Tiranga contingent and upon approaching the dais, pulled up for 'vertical Charlie' and carried out two half turns. The show ended with the Amrit contingent, comprising 17 Jaguars, which formed the number 75, to depict the number of aircrafts and helicopters.

The parade culminated with the national anthem and the release of tricolour balloons.

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