Bengal withdraws from Ayushmann Bharat: Mamata

Last Updated 10 January 2019, 12:51 IST

Accusing the Centre of running parallel governments in states West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday announced that her government will withdraw from the Ayushman Bharat health insurance scheme.

" We ( state government) pay 40% (of the premium) for Centre's health insurance scheme. It's not just your (Centre's) money. There is state government's money in it. I am withdrawing (Bengal) from Ayushman Bharat," the Chief Minister said. She was addressing the gathering at a government program in Nadia district.

She further alleged that the Modi government was running a parallel administration in states. "They are claiming to do everything from health projects, housing, education infrastructure and even Kanyashree. If you ( Centre) you are doing everything then there is no need for state governments. Are you running parallel governments in the states," said Banerjee.

She also said that such things never happened before in the country and dubbed the Modi government as the "most disgusting government" the country has seen.

Accusing the Centre on interfering in the state government’s domain, the Chief Minister took a dig at the BJP regarding the Rafael deal. “You are the Central government. Do you consult us when signing defence contracts such as the Rafel deal,” said the Chief Minister.

She also said that while the state governments were taking care of health, education and agriculture Prime Minister Narendra Modi was busy being a broker. “State governments will look after health, education and agriculture and Modi will only be a broker,” said the Chief Minister.

As for the Centre’s decision of introducing a 10% job and education quota for the “economically weaker section of the society” the Chief Minister argued that it will further shrink opportunities of government jobs for the general category.

“I am warning you ( Centre). Don’t play with fire...Do you think you can do whatever you want and when Mamata Banerjee protests you will send CBI. I dare you to send CBI, ED as many times as you want. Our voice cannot be muzzled so easily,” said Banerjee.

(Published 10 January 2019, 11:18 IST)

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