BJP committee on fact-finding visit to Rajasthan after death of seer who protested mining

The seers have demanded CBI inquiry into the matter, expressing apprehension that the Rajasthan government can affect the investigation
Last Updated 24 July 2022, 16:38 IST

A four-member committee formed by BJP national president J P Nadda visited Pasopa village in Rajasthan's Bharatpur district on Sunday, a day after a seer protesting against mining activities died by self-immolation.

The committee comprising Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) national general secretary and Rajasthan in-charge Arun Singh, MP Swami Sumedhanand Saraswati, former Union Minister and MP Satyapal Singh, former Uttar Pradesh DGP and MP Brijlal Yadav were present on the spot.

Arun Singh and other committee members met seers and local people in Pasopa village. The committee offered prayers at the Adibadri temple and took details of the mining activities and the protest against mining.

It sought factual information from the officers of the police and administration of Bharatpur district.

Arun Singh told the media that the seers had to agitate for 551 days to save Lord Krishna's playground -- Adibadri and Kankanchal mountains -- to save the pilgrimage site and mountains of Braj region.

"The seers were protesting against mining being done under the watch of the state government. Shocked and upset, Baba Hari Bol Das performed 'Pind Daan' and another seer Baba Narayan Das climbed the tower, while seer Vijay Das set himself on fire," Arun Singh claimed.

He said the state government officials are working to "intimidate and threaten" every individual.

Arun Singh said the incident has sparked anger not only in the state but also in the seer community across the country due to the "inaction of the Rajasthan government" and the policy of encouraging illegal mining. These, he said, are the reasons why a "seer had to die by suicide".

The seers have demanded CBI inquiry into the matter, expressing apprehension that the Rajasthan government can affect the investigation.

Arun Singh said the committee will also mention a demand for CBI inquiry in its report.

Saraswati said if the "Rajasthan government had paid attention in time, the seer would have been among us all".

Alwar MP Baba Balaknath said the Rajasthan mining minister was accused of indulging in corruption by former minister Bharat Singh "but the chief minister remains silent".

Satyapal Singh, who is also a former Mumbai Police commissioner, said the mining mafia is carrying out deadly attacks on police and administration personnel in Rajasthan "under the patronage of the state government".

Former Uttar Pradesh DGP and MP Yadav said the government, police, transport and mining departments are "involved in the game of illegal mining".

The members of the committee also paid tribute to Vijay Das's "Sadhana Sthal" in the Adibadri mountain area.

(Published 24 July 2022, 16:38 IST)

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