BJP regime is 'Maximum Modi, Minimum Governance': Raja

Last Updated 29 March 2019, 11:02 IST

Describing the BJP regime as 'Maximum Modi, Minimum Governance', CPI on Friday called for the defeat of the government in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections citing it is trampling upon the Constitutional values of the country.

Releasing party manifesto, CPI National Secretary D Raja said BJP has no response to the criticism raised against it while calling for the implementation of Bhagat Singh National Employment Guarantee Scheme across the country, right to work, 33% quota for women in jobs and de-linking of Aadhaar from all social security systems.

"The BJP is trying to create a fear psychosis, a civil war like situation in the country. The way BJP chief Amit Shah is campaigning is nothing but to intimidate voters and create a fear psychosis," Raja told a press conference which was also attended by senior leaders Amarjeet Kaur and Annie Raja.

"We all want to be argumentative Indians, but Modi and his people have become abusive Indians. They have no answers to people’s questions and only create fear," he added.

The manifesto said there is a systematic attack on the Constitutional bodies. Authoritarianism and demagogue are the characteristics of Prime Minister Modi and the government controlled by the RSS.

The party wants an increase of guaranteed employment under MNREGA from 100 days to 200 days per family, and ensure wage payment within the period guaranteed by the statute.

It also wanted to "address the menace of stray animals by removing all legal and vigilante-imposed restrictions on cattle trade, compensating farmers for the destruction of crops by wild and stray animals and supporting animal shelters".

Another demand is the stopping of landing acquisition or land pooling without the informed consent of farmers. The manifesto has also added the demand for full statehood for Delhi and Puducherry.

Touching upon judicial and police reforms, it said there should be an adequate representation of Dalits, Scheduled Tribes, OBCs, minorities and women “at all levels of the judiciary” while demanding the scrapping AFSPA, sedition, UAPA, FCRA and National Security Acts.

(Published 29 March 2019, 07:47 IST)

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