Atishi instructs Delhi education secretary to withdraw order on transfer of teachers

Atishi emphasised the 'detrimental impact' such transfers could have on the unique teacher-student relationships that are built on years of trust.
Last Updated : 01 July 2024, 18:55 IST

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New Delhi: Delhi Education Minister Atishi has instructed the education secretary to immediately withdraw the recent mandatory transfer orders for teachers who have served in the same school for over 10 years, a statement said on Monday.

According to the official statement, the directive follows the issuance of compulsory transfer orders by the Directorate of Education (DoE) without the minister's approval, prompting backlash from the teaching community.

The teachers expressed widespread anger and frustration over the DoE's decision. A delegation met Atishi on Monday to submit a memorandum of their grievances.

Responding to this, Atishi emphasised the "detrimental impact" such transfers could have on the unique teacher-student relationships that are built on years of trust.

She underscored the importance of maintaining stable educational environments, noting that administrative decisions should not undermine the morale of the teachers, the statement said.

"There is a unique relationship between a teacher and their student which is built on years of trust; in such a situation, such transfer orders are harmful to the education system," she stated.

Atishi reiterated the government's commitment to strengthening the education system, asserting that teachers are the cornerstone of any school system.

"We have worked tirelessly to strengthen the education system of Delhi. Teachers are the most important part of any school system, and the Delhi government's effort is to constantly work to increase the capacity and confidence of teachers and not do anything that hurts their dignity," she added.

In her directive to the education secretary, Atishi stressed that no teacher should be transferred solely based on their length of service in a particular school.

She also mandated that no future decisions affecting the morale or working conditions of teachers in Delhi Government schools should be made without her explicit permission. Additionally, she demanded a report on the action taken to be submitted within the next seven days, it added.

Published 01 July 2024, 18:55 IST

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