New criminal laws will bring more transparency: Delhi police officials

The BNS and two other new criminal laws came into effect on Monday, bringing far-reaching changes in India's criminal justice system.
Last Updated : 02 July 2024, 19:49 IST

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New Delhi: A day after the implementation of the three new criminal laws, the scene at several police stations was similar, where many officers from the force were seen discussing the new provisions of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita (BNS).

The registration of cases is as smooth as earlier, they said.

According to a senior police officer, some complainants coming to the police stations after learning about the new laws have some confusions.

They are being informed that the new laws are also for them to get speedy justice, and they need not worry about anything, the officer said.

An inspector rank officer said that some new provisions, including that for snatching, have been added which will now give more teeth to investigation and provide justice to the victims.

"The provision of snatching which has been included in the new laws was needed. The punishment for snatching is for three years, which could have been increased. We have already started registering cases under the new laws from Monday," the officer said.

Another senior police officer said the BNS focuses on digital evidences which is crucial for investigation.

"We got training for the last several months regarding the BNS and started registering FIRs under the three new laws from Monday. The seniors were very cooperative and they helped everyone during the classes of the new laws.

"After the results of general elections on June 4, we asked all the IOs to gear up for the new laws. The new laws have focused more on digital evidences, which is a good thing. Due to this, the cases will have more transparency and they will not be manipulated by anyone," he said.

According to a sub-inspector, the BNS is more convenient. Some sections have been removed and the punishment has increased, he said. New sections have been added which were not there in the Indian Penal Code (IPC), added.

The Delhi Police had registered its first FIR under provisions of the BNS against a street vendor for allegedly obstructing a public way in central Delhi's Kamala Market on Monday as the force filed more than 25 FIRs under various sections of the new criminal code.

The BNS and two other new criminal laws came into effect on Monday, bringing far-reaching changes in India's criminal justice system.

At a press conference, Union Home Minister Amit Shah said the Delhi Police "dismissed" the case filed against a street vendor after an investigation. "By using the provisions of review, the police have dismissed this case," he had said.

Published 02 July 2024, 19:49 IST

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