Dr Mahinder Watsa, Mumbai’s famous ‘sexpert’, passes away

Watsa wrote the famous ‘Ask the Sexpert’ column in Mumbai Mirror
Last Updated 28 December 2020, 07:44 IST

Renowned sexologist Dr Mahinder Watsa, often referred to as a “sexpert” passed away in Mumbai on Monday. He was 96.

His wife, Promila, predeceased him.

“Dr Mahindra C Watsa lived a glorious life and on his terms. He won innumerable accolades in his life and played several roles as a counselor, guide, mentor and many more,” the family said in a brief message.

At a time when taking about sex was a taboo, Dr Watsa, a trained obstetrician-gynaecologist, spoke about it publicly, loudly, with clarity and most-importantly, with humour and medical science.

A Punjabi, Dr Watsa spent a little part of his childhood in Rangoon. and worked in teh United Kingdom in the 50s.

In the 60s, after his return to India, he started writing as a columnist and his name appeared in several women’s magazines. Watsa wrote the famous ‘Ask the Sexpert’ column in Mumbai Mirror.

Through his work as a columnist, he became aware of the lack of sex education in India. In

1974, while working as a consultant for the Family Planning Association of India (FPAI), Dr Watsa proposed that a sexual counselling and education program be introduced. Despite oppositions, FPAI accepted his proposal and started India's first sex education, counselling and therapy centre. In 1976, he organised India's first workshop on human sexuality and family life.

(Published 28 December 2020, 04:49 IST)

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