India's 1st coronavirus affected student tells her tale

Last Updated 03 March 2020, 14:33 IST

The 20-year old medical student under isolation at the Thrissur government general hospital never thought that she would be the one, when she saw television news channels flashing the news of first coronavirus positive case in India being confirmed in Kerala on January 30.

"I was at the hospital watching television channels when the news of the first coronavirus positive case in India being confirmed in Kerala broke. But I never thought that I would be the one as hundreds were under surveillance. But as news update came that the infected person was a girl under isolation at Thrissur general hospital, I was almost confirmed that it was me. Soon doctors also confirmed. Immediately I contacted those who traveled with me from China to India and asked them to be cautious," the girl who has been declared coronavirus-free now told DH over phone.

Once doctors told her that she was the one infected, instead of getting upset over her plight, the medical student stood up to the situation. She rang up around 20 of her friends and collegemates who traveled along with her from China to India and asked them to undergo tests for coronavirus.

Being a medical student herself, she was very well aware of the disease, especially its low mortality rate. "I was quite healthy and was not having any other diseases and hence, I was sure that I will come out of it. I also made my family confident," said the girl who is a native of Thrissur district in central Kerala.

After being discharged from hospital on February 20, she remained under home quarantine till March 1.

The medical student feels that there was no social stigma towards her for being a coronavirus survivor. "Most of my relatives and friends came to visit me after I am fully recovered from the virus. But to avoid more public attention, I prefer not to reveal my identity for the time being,"she said.

Resumed study from hospital bed

While all the colleges in China are shut indefinitely owing to coronavirus infection, many colleges have already commenced online classes so that courses do not get lagged.

"From February 15 onwards, our college started online classes and I started attending it even from hospital bed. Many who are under home or hospital isolation for coronavirus suspicion were also attending the online interactive classes," said the girl who is a third-year student of the six-year medical course in China.

She said that once China is declared free from coronavirus and colleges re-open, she would return without any hesitation. After completing the studies, she wants to practice in her home state only.

(Published 03 March 2020, 12:05 IST)

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