17-year-old girl detained for poisoning 4 family members to death

The incident took place three months ago but came to light only now
Last Updated 17 October 2021, 22:40 IST

Police have detained a 17-year-old girl on charges of poisoning four members of her family to death as her parents 'discriminated among their children in showing affection'.

The incident took place three months ago but came to light only now. She has been sent to the girls' remand home as she is a minor.

The deceased are the girl's father Tippanaika, 45, mother Sudhabai, 40, grandmother Gundibai, 80, and sister Ramya, 16, of Lambanihatti village of Isamudra. Her brother Rahul, 19, who had taken ill, has survived.

On the night of July 12, the girl had prepared ragi mudde and it was served to the family members along with rice and rasam cooked by her sister.

It is said that the accused had added insecticide to the ragi mudde.

Soon, the five persons started vomiting and breathed their last before being admitted to the hospital.

The accused girl had consumed only rice and sambar, but did not eat ragi mudde.

The food, ingredients and utensils used for cooking were sent to the forensics laboratory for examination and the report showed that insecticide had been added to ragi mudde.

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(Published 17 October 2021, 16:49 IST)

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