Audiogate: BJP hits back with Parameshwara video

Last Updated 14 February 2019, 19:40 IST

Giving a new twist to the ‘MLA poaching’ audio clips row between the JD(S)-Congress coalition and the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the saffron party pulled out a skeleton to embarrass the ruling group: An old video clip of Deputy Chief Minister G Parameshwara.

The clip has Parameshwara say that he was “still waiting for the day when JD(S) supremo H D Deve Gowda will consume poison.” The Deputy Chief Minister had made this remark during the 2014 Lok Sabha election campaign.

The video was released as a response to the JD(S) attack on BJP legislator Preetham Gowda’s house for the latter’s reported remarks against Deve Gowda.

The video released by BJP has Parameshwara recalling Gowda’s “vow” that he would consume poison if JD(S) did not emerge victorious in the 2013 assembly polls.

This is what Parameshwara said: “I still have the newspaper clipping in which Deve Gowda states that if JD(S) does not come to power on its own in the 2013 elections, then he will consume poison.” “Nine months on,” he added, “I am still waiting for him to consume poison."

I am waiting to see whether he will consume poison today or tomorrow, but till date he has not done it.”

Posted on BJP’s official Twitter handle, the video was retweeted 500 times and earned over 1,000 likes. In response, Parameshwara said in a social media post: “Having claimed that it will ensure skill development in the country, the BJP has developed only one skill and that of putting up old videos and misrepresenting the facts. The video uploaded by the BJP is yet another example of their expectations to see a senior and experienced political leader dead.”

BJP’s counter was that Parameshwara had spoken a lot more during the campaign against Gowda. Parameshwara was taunted not to keep his cool.

The opposition party said: “For this small clipping you are getting jittery, what will you do when the entire video of what you have spoken about the seasoned politician is released? By putting the video online, we are warning you that people who sit besides you in the assembly can attack your home as well (sic).”

(Published 14 February 2019, 17:39 IST)

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