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Last Updated : 16 September 2012, 12:50 IST
Last Updated : 16 September 2012, 12:50 IST

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Over the years, the Indian kitchen has taken many avatars. The traditional pots and pans have been replaced with hi-tech microwave ovens; the kerosene cylinders have been transformed into induction stoves and the traditional dishes which took hours to make in the kitchen can be simply bought at a super market.

But of late, many families in the City have adapted a new method of cooking. Instead of heading out to the market and haggling with vegetable vendors, many in the City are growing their own vegetables on their terrace or backyard. They prefer to cook everything in a more ‘organic’ fashion.

Organic cooking, as it is more popularly called, is fast becoming the mantra of the day.
Eating food made out of organic vegetables and fruits is said to be far healthier, as it does not have any sort of pesticides or chemicals.

For some, more than the health factor, it is a sort of achievement to eat something that is grown in one’s own backyard.

Even supermarkets and small stores have started stocking organic products, including spices, fruits and vegetables.

In fact, more and more restaurants and cafes in the City have started providing food that is organic in nature too.

Akhila, who co-runs the Courtyard Cafe, tries to use as much organic produce in her dishes as possible.

“There is not a huge difference in terms of the taste in the food but the food is far fresher and healthier. It is difficult to get everything organic — but someday, we sure do hope to turn the cafe into a completely organic one,” she says.   

Priya, a professional, says that eating organic food is the best option. While she doesn’t have the luxury of growing her own vegetables, she heads out to supermarkets that provide only organic products.

“Initially, I thought it was some kind of a gimmick. But I thought of starting off with a few items like atta and some vegetables and slowly, I got really got used to it. I did feel a difference in many of the items. At least the vegetables are fresh and grown without any chemical pesticides,” she adds.

Gowri, a home maker, states that this trend is not something new in the City. “Earlier, every family had some plants like garlic, chillies or curry leaves in their garden. But nowadays, people rarely have time to water their own plants — let alone vegetables,” she says.

With an aim to lead a healthy lifestyle, Jyothi, who is part of a group called ‘Garden City Farmer’, started growing her own vegetables in her backyard.

As difficult as it was for her at first, today Jyothi grows close to 13 varieties of vegetables. The convenience of picking vegetables from her own garden to cook a meal is something she enjoys.

“Using organic vegetables from one’s own home seems like an impossible task in a city like Bangalore. But one will be surprised to know how many people here are into it. I feel the real challenge is not the space, but knowing one’s vegetables. Once you get the hang of it, things just fall into place,” she says.

Published 16 September 2012, 12:50 IST

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