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Last Updated 29 October 2010, 13:59 IST

Many students from different engineering colleges in the City also have found solace, after yet another internal, in this humble abode.

This place has a number of regulars, who consider it as their daily or weekly pit-stop.
In spite of busy schedules, Casablanka is like a home to most of them; more so like a trip back to the care-free college days.

“My friends and I opened this place 12 years ago. It was our big entrepreneurial idea. They all gradually moved on to other interests but I stuck to the business,” says A Girish, the owner of Casablanka.

The ambience of the place is wonderful — dim yellow lights with a classy wooden ceiling and an old gyrating fan — give the place an old English inn-like feel.

The walls adorn faded posters of Kurt Cobain, Lynyard Skynyard and The Doors.  “This place runs on faithful regulars and they don’t like changes. From the cuisine to the ambience, everything has remained the same and will continue to be so,” adds A Girish.

The place specialises in Italian cuisine and offers a lot of variety to both vegetarians and non-vegetarians.

One of the hot favourites is Baked Chilly Cheese Corn, made of baby corn, chillies, capsicum and onion, dressed in a totally out-of-this-world cream sauce.

 Topped again with fresh mozzarella cheese and baked to perfection, it surely is a dish for the cheese-lovers. It has smooth texture and just melts in the mouth.

It is extremely wholesome and easily serves two. For all the spice-lovers, the Paneer Shaslik Sizzler is an amazing find.

Succulent paneer chunks along with capsicum and onions in tangy red sauce, served piping hot, make this dish a truly scintillating affair. Steaks also happen to be their specialty.

The Vienna Steak made of grilled chicken in red sauce, served with mashed potato
and fries, is truly a gastronomical delight.

Casablanka also offers extremely good pastas. Florentina and Vesuivious are white sauce-based pastas that do justice to the palette with their subtle flavours.

Casablanka also offers a variety of pizzas, sandwiches and desserts that are both filling and economical.

The two beverages that people can’t get enough of here are the ice tea and coffee. The best part about this place is the people who work here.

“We have been here since the place opened,” say Suresh, Shivawamy and Lokesh, the trio responsible for all the scrumptious delights!

(Published 29 October 2010, 13:59 IST)

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