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Last Updated 07 August 2015, 20:22 IST

Perfection is her passion and she designs to perfection outfits that take an irreplaceable spot in a woman’s wardrobe. Noted for her versatility in bridal wear, designer Neeta Lulla is one of the renowned names in the fashion industry. With a bold and elegant design philosophy, she says she believes in “power-dressing”!

She has been a part of over 300 films in seven different languages, and has set a fashion cult in the film industry by styling bigwigs like Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Sridevi, Kareena Kapoor and a lot more.

“The film industry has been very kind. It has given me absolute freedom to put my vision into designs and eventually as costumes. I have also at times been provided with a bounce script to read in order to visually understand what look the film demands,” says Neeta.

The movie ‘Lamhe’ is her most cherished movie as, “I was honoured to receive my first National Award for it.” In a career spanning over two decades, she has remained a constant favourite. She says, “I never restrict my thoughts. There should be no stop to creativity and innovation. I am always up to maintaining versatility in every garment I create.” She adds that inspiration has been a constant factor in her life and she draws inspiration from almost everything — it could be a girl walking on the street or a social issue of the nation to a bride getting out of the car.

Diving into the voguish industry at the late 80s, she comments, “The Indian fashion industry today has become very serious due to the immense fashion awareness of the people and their fondness of dressing up as opposed to the simplicity that existed back in time.” With criticism being a part and parcel of a designer’s life, she adds, “I turn criticism into a learning curve to understand the eventual mindset of the customer to add value to my work.”

She soon will be under the spotlight at the Lakme Fashion Week and has also associated herself with a bridal show. “We can revolutionise bridal fashion in India by bringing to force creative and trendy bridal looks.” She hopes to create an experience for the audience that will redefine bridal fashion in India.

She opines that each of her customers has a different mindset, which in turn has helped her understand the dynamic sensibilities of customers. She says, “Meeting new people and new brides from various parts of the world has kept me abreast of innumerable criteria the eventual bride looks at, thus enabling me to create newness in my designs.”

As a person who revolutionised bridal wear, she says that bridal attire is being given new sensibility and comments, “They are not restricted to the traditional patterns and  designs. It has to be a composition of various facets and elements, and be focussed on the assorted requisite of today’s girls. It should also adhere to different ambience and styles that have the magic to entice every bride.”

She concludes with a message to the aspiring designers, “Follow your own design philosophy. Better what you are good at with a lot of determination and persistence.”

(Published 07 August 2015, 15:17 IST)

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