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Technology has made a huge impact on peoples personal space
Last Updated 28 March 2013, 15:18 IST

Technology has become an integral part of our lives. Right from the time you get out of bed and glance at your mobile phone to the time you come back home and plug in those earphones for some ‘me time’, gadgets rule one’s life. Metrolife talks to people about the impact of technology on one’s well-being.

 Darshan N, a technical writer, says, “I’m always connected to the computer, and I’m addicted to other gadgets too. It’s commonly known that these gadgets emit radiation that can create fertility problems.” He adds, “Earlier, I used to put my Mp3 player on top volume, but slowly I noticed that I was having hearing issues and headaches. That’s when I consciously started lowering the volume and became alert.”

Some people have also experienced mood swings due to overuse of technology in their lifestyle.

Neha D, an online consultant, says, “I’ve clients abroad and I have to be in touch with them round the clock. This means I need to check my email all the time – be it when I am cooking, watching TV, or spending time with my partner.” Neha says, “I feel very distracted and my eyes hurt a lot. But more than that, since I’m always connected, including on my off days, I’m unable to relax. I’m confused and

Doctors also say that technology and gadgets affect the body in different ways. Dr Rajeshwari Amarnath, a general physician who works with a missionary hospital, says, “Computers and mobile phones are supplying more information than required. Children are growing up much faster than their age, and the after-effects are many.

There’s hyperactivity seen in a lot of people, some experience major headaches and even seizures. Also, overexposure to technology leads to many neurotic conditions and even aggressive behaviour.” Rajeshwari strongly believes that this has contributed to the sedentary lifestyle which is commonly seen now and leads to other ailments like serious backaches. Other known ailments like decreasing eyesight and headaches have also become rampant.

Dr Srinivas HV, ophthalmologist at Aditya Nethralaya, details, “All jobs need one to be in front of the computer regularly. There have been numerous cases in occupational ophthalmology, where glare on the screen and exposure to contrast of colours on screen, can cause dryness of the eye.” Srinivas adds, “This in turn results in blurring, irritation of the eye and headaches. In some cases, it even leads to double vision.”

Technology adds to emotional issues as much as it does to physical ailments. “People get confused about their expectations as the internet exposes you to a variety of things. Often, when fantasies don’t come into reality, one will feel confusion and frustration. This leads to anticipation and even depression in some cases,”
says Vinod Chebbi, a psychotherapist.

(Published 28 March 2013, 15:16 IST)

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