After biting cold comes unusual sweltering heat

Last Updated 20 February 2019, 06:39 IST

Bengaluru is sweltering due to the sudden rise in the mercury in the past few days.

Temperatures increased by three degrees during the day and two degrees in the night above the mean normal level for February.

Weather experts have attributed the phenomenon to extreme winter the state witnessed, while also clarifying that the state -including Bengaluru- has not deviated from the normal temperature recorded in the last 10 years for February.

Normal temperature in Bengaluru for February would be around 30-31 degrees during the day and about 26 to 27 degrees in the night.

Dr G S Sreenivasa Reddy, Director, Karnataka State National Disaster Monitoring Cell (KSNDMC) said, “If you compare the IMD data over the 10-year period, there is hardly any increase in the temperature. But it is true that the maximum temperature has gone up by three degrees and the minimum by two degrees.”

Dr Reddy also pointed out that the city is feeling hot due to the extreme winter it witnessed, with the temperature plummeting as low as 9-degree centigrade.

Intense summer effect

“The sudden transition from such extreme low temperature to a whopping 33-34 degree centigrade will definitely evoke intense summer effect,” he added.

On Tuesday, the maximum temperature in the city touched 34 degree Celsius, while the highest maximum temperature for February in Bengaluru was recorded way back in 2005 with mercury levels touching 35.9-degree Celsius.

“In the next one-and-a-half week, the mercury levels could match the earlier highs,” Dr Reddy said.

(Published 19 February 2019, 18:53 IST)

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