Air-conditioner sales pick up in Bengaluru

The AC sales took a hit after authorities declared that the coronavirus spreads faster in air-conditioned rooms and halls
Last Updated : 17 August 2021, 08:16 IST

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The rising temperature has triggered an increase in air-conditioner (AC) sales in the city, after the Covid-19 outbreak had devastated the industry last year.

Before the pandemic struck, the sales were on an upswing in Bengaluru. But the potential for the Covid-19 virus to survive longer in AC interiors, and the government’s directives restricting people in AC halls, theatres and transport modes led to a dramatic crash in sales.

As the general perception that infection rate is higher in an AC environment gained ground, the industry took a severe beating, recalls Sudhish P K, an authorised AC dealer. “Between March 2020 and March 2021, sales were only around 20-25% of the previous year,” he informs.

Tree cover and temperature link

There is a clear link between tree cover and temperature. Here’s how science works: Concrete structures get heated by strong radiation. Since concrete buildings emit infrared radiation even after sunset, the heat lingers.

But a green cover in close proximity to the buildings will keep the temperature in check. The trees surrounding the concrete structure absorb the radiation, reducing the temperature by a degree or two. This explains why the wooded Indian Institute of Science (IISc) campus is way cooler than the temperature outside.

This time last year

Weathermen recall that April 2020 was much more comfortable compared to this year. The pre-monsoon activity had started early in March last year. In the first ten days of April, Bengaluru received more than 60mm of rainfall. This was more than the monthly average of 41.5mm. The month eventually ended with rainfall hitting a record 121.1mm.

Published 09 April 2021, 19:16 IST

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