App provides stage for indie musicians

Last Updated 19 June 2018, 13:22 IST

In this era of new-age accessibility, ‘TGIIR’ - The Great Indian Indie Recordings, a mobile app, aims to create a platform for independent music.

Over the years, indie music has been trying to establish its foothold in the country. Often not receiving the platform the genre deserves, singer, songwriter and composer Suraj Mani, through his foundation Aum-i-art foundation, a not-for-profit music trust has developed this application.

“Film music is hugely understood as India’s mainstream music and a lot of people do not recognise Indian indie music. There are a growing number of talented indie artists who have and are creating waves. Providing a space for them to put their work out was the main motive,” says Suraj.

Ask him what was the true inspiration behind this band and he says, “Though there are so many indie artists I love, there was no platform to listen to all of them together. Bringing together bands and artists and creating a community together was the aim.

He hopes that reviving the indie music scene wouldn’t be hard with this application. “The application is a paid one which is because it has a larger cause,” he adds.

Like most music applications, TGIIR is user-friendly and aims to promote original works and works which speak of individuality. “We do not want any copyright issues so we wanted things clearly defined,” says Suraj.

He agrees that awareness about the application would help a long way. “Our decision to make it a paid app is a challenge but we don’t need another free music application out there,” he says.

Supporting the scene

Any artist who is on the application, will get paid and will be supported for their recordings, says Suraj. “One-third of the money generated will be given to the artist, another third to any new recordings they do and one-third to maintenance and marketing of their works,” he details.

How does it work for artists?

Any artist from across the world can visit the tgiir.com and upload their music on the website. “It functions just like YouTube. The content then goes through a quality audit on recording quality and the music uploaded. Once the work is approved, it’s immediately accessible on the application,” details Suraj.

There are no fees charged for artists on the website unless they want to download the application.

200 artists onboard

“The application has around 200 artists on board from across the country. There are some phenomenal pieces uploaded by artists who I have never heard of before, which means the application is working.”
Suraj Mani, singer-songwriter.

Rs 99 a month

The application was officially launched in April.

It has been downloaded 800 times.

The application has a Rs 99 subscription fee per month, which funds indie artists.

Standing out in the crowd

“We are probably the first artist funding community with such a unique initiative,” says Suraj.

(Published 19 June 2018, 13:18 IST)

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