BMTC tries hard but conductors keep pilfering

Last Updated : 02 November 2014, 18:08 IST
Last Updated : 02 November 2014, 18:08 IST

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Despite several efforts and monthly checks to curb pilferage by its bus conductors, the Bangalore Metropolitan Transport Corporation (BMTC) seems to have failed to stop the chronic malpractice.

The BMTC has deployed teams from its security and vigilance department to conduct daily and monthly checks on bus conductors, but the drive has not yielded the desired result. Conductors, mostly of non-AC buses, continue to issue used tickets to passengers and in some cases take lesser fare from them without issuing a ticket.

Arun K, who commutes by bus number 314 every day from C V Raman Nagar to Mysore Bank Circle, said: “Many times I have seen the conductor pocketing money without issuing a ticket. It even happened with me one day when I had forgotten to carry my monthly pass. The conductor pocketed the fare without issuing a ticket.”

Soiled, crumpled tickets

Rupali, an IT executive woking in Whitefield, said: “I have been issued a used ticket several times. The ticket is soiled and crumpled and one can make out it is not new. Even when I point it out to the conductor, he refuses to issue a fresh ticket. He obviously pockets the money.”

Vinay, a member of Bangalore Bus Prayaanikara Vedike (BBPV), blames the high bus fares for the malaise.

“The problem has become chronic even as the BMTC is making efforts to curb it. The root cause is the high bus fares. If the fares are brought down, the menace will automatically stop. Presently, because of the high fares, it suits certain passengers not to buy tickets and pay a lesser amount to the conductor. This way, the conductor gets encouraged. The BMTC should consider reducing the fares in the interest of the public,” he added.

Single-staffer buses

Another issue which has not been resolved despite assurances by the BMTC officials is the phasing out of buses having drivers who also do the job of a conductor.
Officials have claimed such buses had been phased out, but there are many which continue to operate, risking the lives of the driver-cum-conductor as well as the passengers.

Vinay from the BBPV said the BMTC had been cutting corners at the wrong places and this maybe one of them. However, it is not acceptable that the lives of so many people should be put at risk only because of the lack of seriousness on the part of the authorities, he added.

A senior official of the BMTC said the Intelligent Transport System, to be incorporated in all buses, would take care of the menace. As for the buses which have drivers also functioning as conductors, he said most of them were phased out and only a few remained on the road. They too will be phased out shortly, he added.

Published 02 November 2014, 18:08 IST

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