Creative community steps up to promote voter participation 

Engaging videos and songs are part of the drive
Last Updated : 27 April 2023, 17:13 IST

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As Karnataka goes to polls on May 10, the creative community is reminding citizens of their duty to vote in fun ways. Bengaluru has had the unfortunate distinction of reporting low voter turnout compared to other districts in the state.

Circus trick

A troupe of 23 artistes from Rambo Circus were doing the rounds of Koramangala with placards that read ‘Your vote is your choice’ and ‘Vote for better future’ recently. They took the message to traffic junctions, inside a stadium, and even to a live show. Senior clown, Biju Pushkaran, says, “We don’t support any political party. Our campaign was simply to tell people to cast their vote.”

Kids corner

In a collaboration video with CEO, comedian and content creator, Sonu Venugopal, asked a ‘bunch of eminent panellists’ what a vote is. Note, coat, goat, boat... come the answers from the panellists — toddlers from her daughter’s playgroup. Sonu then appears and says kids may not know about voting but adults should know better.

Food politics

Radio professional and comic, Shreyas Rao, simulated an election at home in a video for CEO. He plays the role of a woman who gives her family three choices for breakfast: idli, shavige, or uppittu. Her son is asleep so doesn’t ‘vote’. As a result, shavige wins because both she and her friend, Pratibha, had voted for it. When the son cribs about it, she responds, ‘You missed the elections, so eat what is given to you. Only if you vote, you have the right to question.’

Rap it up

Kannada rap song by (left) Sachit Clare and Vikas Sangam
Kannada rap song by (left) Sachit Clare and Vikas Sangam

Content creator Vikas Sangam teamed up with fellow Bengalurean and music producer Sachit Clare to write and record a Kannada rap song. It shows the duo discussing plans for May 10, a Wednesday. When one says he plans to unwind and travel, the other is shocked. ‘MLAs may be lawmakers but voters are changemakers’, the other says to highlight the importance of every vote. Sangam aka Vicky Pedia says he was approached by the Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Karnataka.

Sing a vow

Singer Khaseem Ali from Haveri has reimagined ‘Singara siriye’, a song from Kannada hit ‘Kantara’, as ‘Namma haveri janare’ to urge locals to vote. His teacher-friend Ningappa Salanki has written new lyrics while Ali has lent his voice. “The Karnataka State Election Commission called me to replace the word ‘Haveri’ with ‘Namma karunad’ and re-record. Similar requests came from Belgaum, Bengaluru, and Gadag,” he says.

Published 25 April 2023, 19:52 IST

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