Crime rate down, detentions up in Bengaluru this year

Last Updated 30 December 2018, 02:35 IST

The crime rate in Bengaluru has come down. Naturally, the detentions have increased this year, compared to the last two years. The police attribute the fall in the crime graph to spirited young officers, who are heading the eight police divisions in the city.

Cracking down on criminal activities, the police launched special operations against chain-snatchings, illegal marijuana sale, peddling of banned drugs, rowdy elements, gambling dens and the like. According to city police commissioner T Suneel Kumar, this is also the first time the police are booking drug peddlers under the Goonda Act.

In 2016, 228 murders were reported in the city. There were 234 cases of murder in 2017. In 2018, until November, 202 murders were registered, out of which 194 cases ended in detention. Dacoities reported this year are lower compared to the last two years. This year witnessed 45 instances of dacoity, as against 91 in 2017, and 101 cases in 2016. Rape cases, too, have come down this year to 98 registered cases, compared to the last year’s 131.

Kumar says he holds a weekly review meeting with deputy commissioners of all the eight divisions. The heinous crimes of the previous week are discussed extensively in the meeting. Murders, chain-snatchings, HBT (House Break-in & Theft) and other cases are reviewed in detail.

“We take chain-snatching cases very seriously, as many women have an emotional bond with their mangalsutras. So, for instance, with extensive planning, we arrested the notorious Irani gang, and other interstate gangs as well. Our prime focus is on public safety, and to check the rowdy elements in the city,” the police commissioner said.

Intensive review and assessment of criminal activities in the city by senior officers have led to detentions in more cases. This helped to rein in the crime rate in the city.

This year, theft of jewellery, cash and other instances of robbery were lower, and the recovery rate in such cases is higher in comparison to the past two years.

In 2018, Rs 98.57 crore worth of jewellery, cash and other things were stolen, and Rs 56.32 crore worth of valuables were recovered till November. Whereas in 2017, Rs 126.37 crore worth of goods and cash were stolen and Rs 58.45 crore worth of valuables were recovered. In 2016, Rs 112.67 crore worth of goods were stolen and Rs 67.09 crore was recovered.

According to the commissioner, rowdy elements in the city are beyond reformation. Despite efforts by the police in this regard, they even attack the policemen who venture out to nab them, says Kumar.

“In such cases, I have instructed the force to deal with rowdies with an iron fist. Officers use minimum force to shoot in defense, and arrest them.”

Following the Supreme Court’s order, Kumar has strictly implemented the direction that all the pubs, bars and restaurants in the city that play music, must obtain the necessary permission from the police department.

(Published 29 December 2018, 19:50 IST)

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