Dating apps: a millenial way to get employed

Youngsters hunting for jobs on dating apps is becoming popular
Last Updated 30 October 2019, 12:35 IST

According to a recent survey done by dating app Tinder, Bengaluru is the second-highest active on the app. Many have found it easier to find people via the app and get to know each other.

Well, here’s the thing – using dating apps aren’t a big deal anymore. Many in the city have joined at least one of the popular dating apps and meeting people as often as they can.

But here’s the catch. Not everyone is using the app to find dates. A number of them are using apps such as Tinder, Bumble and OKCupid to meet their business prospects.

While Bumble has a specific section for a business called Bumble Bizz, the other apps are used as informal platforms to find jobs or clients.

Though an unconventional approach, it’s allowing many in various fields to find like-minded people.

Tharun Jagateri, co-founder of Fire.Fly, says that it’s a great way for startups to find potential clients and freelancers. Though not a regular on the app, he has found a few people to work with through Bumble Bizz.

He says, “It’s a great way to have an informal chat with the people who may work with you in the future. Everyone from content creators to clients is on the app doing the same thing you are doing.”

Though the app is designed specifically for this purpose, not everyone stays professional. Some misuse it to flirt.

“I’ve heard stories of people who have switched to the dating section of the app when things have gone well for them,” he says, laughing.

But Tharun prefers to keep it professional. He even gets messages from people asking him for professional advice. He says, “I get messages from people to know more about the companies I have worked with and how they can prepare for interviews there.”

Many feel that dating apps are a great place for creative minds to find jobs. They also like that one doesn’t have to share their personal numbers.

Profiles created by the users allow prospective employers to learn about their future employees. The way they chat, interact and the pictures they have shared gives the employer an idea of what the potential employee is like outside of a professional world.

The online dating world is also a
great social leveller, giving the chance for people to meet who may not have otherwise.

However, it takes a bit more of an extra effort for introverts. Some dating apps require you to make the first move to start a conversation.

Sneha Prakash (name changed) signed up on a dating app hoping to find a job but she feels too shy to send out the first message.

She says, “I haven’t had much luck so far as I haven’t had the guts to send the message. But I’ve matched with several people and it’s been kind of great.”

She finds that the tone used on professional networking sites like LinkedIn is different compared to that of a dating site. “It’s more formal and everyone means business there. But here, you have the human connection but it’s informal,” she adds.

Businesses too are using this to their advantage. In order to stay relevant to the time and to spread the word about the company, restaurant ‘The Egg Factory’ made a Tinder profile under the name Andy. The profile picture used was of a cartoon egg with hands and legs.

Owner Yogesh Mokashi says, “We wanted to market the brand to the millenials and tell them about our food. We wanted to reach out to them in places where they are most available. Since
social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook were so crowded with other content, Tinder felt like a great option.”

Andy’s profile was open to both men and women, “so both parties swiped right. We then chose whom we wanted to swipe right back to and gave them vouchers to the restaurant,” adds Yogesh. The brands’ idea to spread the word was successful for a week. Someone reported the profile to Tinder and it was removed.

(Published 30 October 2019, 12:35 IST)

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