Designing skills used in decoupage

Last Updated 30 December 2018, 19:53 IST

A graphic designer by profession, Divya Thallap, took up decoupage as a hobby to find a way out of her stressful desk job.

The 30-year-old uses her graphic designing skills on decoupage, and the outcome is beautiful.

Divya has a degree in fine arts and was always aspired to become a designer. “I was so sure of what I was doing that I hardly thought about anything else,” she affirms.

Divya Thallap
Divya Thallap

A wedding gift to one of her cousins is her first attempt at decoupage. “It was surprisingly good. In fact, the ones that followed were not that great. I have had my share of ruined projects too. But I am glad that I didn’t give up,” she adds.

She learnt the art herself. “I had a lot of insecure teachers who never taught anything worth my time. And, there were not many YouTube tutorials back then. Having made a lot of mistakes, I learned from each of them. The urge to learn all this kept me going,” she elaborates.

It was her family’s constant support that helped Divya and made her strong.

It was in 2016 that she started to publish her artworks on social media. Her page ‘Yelling Yellow’ features numerous artworks in a blend of decoupage and graphic designing.

When asked about her design patterns, she reveals that she doesn’t repeat designs. “I don’t like it. Though I don’t restrict myself to any particular colour palette, I am more inclined towards vintage and bright colours,” she adds.

Divya says that she takes about one hour to finish each artwork, “I get the ideas for the designs and colour patterns once I start working on the piece; nothing is ever pre-planned.”

“I started my YouTube channel in 2016. My interest in DIY and handmade products led me to share my knowledge with others,” says Divya. She has uploaded numerous videos about decoupage and also conducts free demos for those interested.

Materials required for the art are coloured papers, decorative beads, and many other craft accessories; paper is the most important of all.

“I get around numerous messages about my work every day from people across the globe. It is inspiring to read them,” she shares.

The designer has also conducted decoupage workshops for over a thousand students. She says, “It is important to have something to look forward to in life. Having a hobby keeps one busy and makes them more creative.”

She signs off with a little piece of advice for aspiring artists, “Have patience and never give up. Practice makes us perfect, and I am a living example. And, in decoupage, you can never expect perfection; it is handmade, and it is unique in its own way.”

(Published 30 December 2018, 11:31 IST)

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