Drunk rider molests woman in front of husband, arrested

Last Updated 04 March 2019, 19:59 IST

A 34-year-old woman was molested and her husband, who took objection, was beaten up in full public glare by a drunk bike rider in JP Nagar on February 26.

The incident happened at a traffic signal near the Raghavendra Swamy mutt in JP Nagar 2nd phase, with the police terming the incident a road rage. But the victim’s husband, however, contested the police’s claim.

Around 9.30 pm on Feb 26, Sumith and his wife Rekha (names changed on request) were heading from Jayanagar towards JP Nagar on their scooter to celebrate a friend’s birthday. Rekha was holding a birthday cake and was riding pillion. The trouble began when Sumith stopped at an intersection, waiting for the signal to turn green.

“A biker stopped his vehicle nearby and started staring at my wife. Rekha initially ignored him, but as he kept staring at her she informed me and then asked him to look away,” said Sumith.

Sumith said the man immediately became furious, got down from his bike and started abusing his wife. “He then touched my wife inappropriately and when I objected, he pushed me away. He then took his helmet and hit me and there was a scuffle. As we were headed for a birthday, we just wanted him to tender an apology and part ways, but he started gathering a mob, calling us outsiders and abused us for not knowing the local language,” said Sumith.

Thankfully, a uniformed BMTC staff came to the rescue of the couple, urging the mob to disperse. “The man threatened to find our house, beat us up and drive us out of the state,” said Sumith.

Following the incident, the rattled couple went to JP Nagar police station, where they filed a complaint. Strangely, the drunk rider, too, followed the couple to the police station to file a counter complaint. But since he was drunk, the accused was arrested after the police verified the CCTV footage.

The accused was identified as Kiran S (31), a salesman at a liquor outlet in Peenya. He is a resident of Gourava Nagar in JP Nagar 7th phase. Kiran was arrested and sent to jail.

(Published 04 March 2019, 19:47 IST)

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