Films are about teamwork, says actor Sudharani

Roja fame Madhoo Shah plays the female lead in ‘Premier Padmini’, which focuses on the love story of three middle-aged people
Last Updated 26 April 2019, 12:54 IST

Sudharani is back with a strong role in ‘Premier Padmini’ that released on Friday. The actor, who was last seen on screen in ‘Paddehulli’ which released last week, plays the role of a neighbour to Jaggesh in this film.

In a candid chat with Tini Sara Anien, she talks about her role and more.

What is special about ‘Premier Padmini’?
The film has a feel-good factor to it. I like how the film reflects a strong message on the importance of relationships, which is missing in today’s films. It tries to emphasise on the thought that money, work and other materialistic things should not always be the focus.

A film will do well at the box-office only when it is relatable and can touch the sentiments of the audience. The movie exhibits values not in a preachy
way but it drives home the point.

Tell us a bit about your role.
I play Spandana, neighbour of Jaggesh’s character in the film. The equation we share and the interactions we have form an important part of the film. Even my name is apt to the character in the film.

How different was it to play Spandana?
It was not difficult to depict Spandana as the character is close to who I am. I am a fun-loving and chilled out person who enjoys life and loves taking up challenges. Spandana has a lot of clarity in thinking and is mature. She is intelligent, straight forward and sensitive.

How was it to act with Jaggesh?
I have acted with him in several projects, but we were never paired together as a couple onscreen. Jaggesh must be appreciated as he has donned many hats. He has played a baddie, comical as well as character roles. He is not stuck in the mindset that he still needs to do hero roles and bash up guys, Jaggesh has moved on gracefully to do a lot of work with substance. I hope women would also get such opportunities.

You’ve been in the industry for a few decades. Has Sandalwood changed according to time?
I wish our industry grew accordingly; it’s still male-dominated and I hope more people come with women-centric content.

When comparing today’s films to ones made in the 80s or 90s, I am a fan of the latter. A lot of homework went into making a film then. The filmmakers knew that highlighting just a few things in a movie wouldn’t work; it’s a teamwork. It’s only when each and every character is given it’s due respect, that the main characters get highlighted.

Nowadays, technology in filmmaking has changed, more money is invested into the making, and even the reach has expanded, but they lack substance. There is a
maximum of 10 films among 50 which can ‘wow’ the audience like earlier films.

Are there more projects in the pipeline?
This year I am involved in different projects. I am working in Hemanth Kumar’s ‘Thurthu Nirgamana’, where I don several hats. I will also be seen in ‘Maya Bazaar’, ‘Amar’, ‘Geetha’, ‘Trikona’, and another untitled thriller movie. I have been lucky to play several characters this year -- a mother, homemaker, friend and doctor.

(Published 26 April 2019, 12:47 IST)

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