Giving a different colour to the festival

Last Updated 14 January 2011, 14:06 IST

..part from exchanging greetings and Yellu Bella, they have decided to add more colour and festivity to the celebrations this time.

Some of the teachers and other staff members will be actively participating in the celebrations along with the students.

However, in most of the colleges, Sankranthi is just another holiday and both students and lecturers are limiting their festivities to their close circle of friends.

The BNM Institution has already chalked out its Sankranthi plan.

Amidst the exam fever, the students are all set to spread awareness about organic products.

“We are distributing vegetables, fruits cultivated through organic farming to our students and staff. This is to promote organic cultivation which sustains the fertility of the soil, eco-system and people. And it is also an effort to returning to nature,’’ says Shesha Prasad, Assistant Professor, ECE Department.

In some of the institutions, students have decided to come dressed in ethnic
attire.  “In our college, we don’t organise any special programmes. As we have a holiday on Sankranthi, the the next day we are planning to come dressed in ethnic wear. But, as it is not mandatory, I don’t know how many students will follow it,’’ says Kavya from NMKRV College.

PES College, which has students from across the country, is known for its Sankranthi celebrations.

Students dressed in new clothes distribute Yellu Bella among classmates. “Sankranthi gives us an opportunity to mingle with students of different states. We exchange greetings and it is also an occasion to learn more about other states,” says Anup, one of the students.

However, the engineering and management colleges in the City have exams going on. So, the festive spirit is low in campuses. “Anyway, we don’t miss greeting our friends through SMS and e-mails. Every year, I wear new dress but this year as I have exams, I am not that interested in celebrating with friends,” says Anusha from City College.

(Published 14 January 2011, 13:40 IST)

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