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Last Updated : 19 January 2018, 17:58 IST
Last Updated : 19 January 2018, 17:58 IST

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Kannada film industry lost one of its most revered actor-directors, Kashinath, early Thursday morning. The vicissitudes that Kashinath's four-decade old career saw are as much a revelation of his multi-faceted talent as they are about Sandalwood's capricious ways. A few actors from the Kannada film industry share with Nina C George their memories of Kashinath.

UPENDRA, actor and director

"I was introduced to  the world of cinema by  Kashinath. I learnt the basics
of filmmaking from him.  Acting in some of his films like  'Anantana Avantara' gave me a  good start. I have also assisted  him as a director and that's
where I picked up the nuances  of direction. What struck me  most about him was his simplicity.  He was a humble and a down-to-earth person  and he will surely be missed among us."

RAMESH ARAVIND, actor and director

"Kashinath was a very  interesting director and  actor because he dealt with
subjects that were considered  taboo. He could pull off any  subject because he presented  it in a humorous way. He was  also popular for making good
cinema with economically  viable budgets. He encouraged  and promoted new talent. He broke the myth of a  hero being tall, dark and handsome. That showed how  confident he was about his skills."


"Everybody who  was introduced  by Kashinath into the  Kannada film industry
were from middle class  families. He spotted  people who had the  urge to make a strong  footing in cinema. He  always made his films  with a clear mind  and shot it within a  reasonable budget. He  never wanted to shoot  in exotic places or import  actors from other  industries, but worked  to promote, popularise
and propagate Kannada  language, culture  and cinema."


"I have never acted with  him but I have been closely  following his work. He managed  to create an impact through his  films and had a strong following
for the films that he made. His  films largely dealt with the life  and journey of the common man."

AVINASH, actor

"I acted with him in 'Chowka' but I  didn't know that he was suffering from
an illness because he never showed anything.  I was very shocked and upset when I heard  of his illness. I was very impressed after I  watched his first film, 'Anubhava' and it went  on to become a big hit. He was a soft-spoken  and dignified human being. He was lovable  both on and off the screen."

(As told to Nina C George)

Published 19 January 2018, 12:20 IST

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