Healthy bakes in city

The bakery uses imported ingredients to make cakes and cupcakes
Last Updated 22 December 2019, 11:45 IST

Just in time for the holiday season, a cute little bakery opened up in Koramangala 5th block. ‘Mistletoe Asia’ is run by five women, none of whom have a background in the culinary industry.

These women, who did not want their names to be mentioned, so the attention remains on their products, decided to open the bakery in November after they had enough of their corporate lives.

The menu is simple — it includes cakes, cupcakes, ice cream and frosting. The recipes have been borrowed from a researcher from abroad who explained to them about the use of certain Asian dried fruits and nuts.

For obvious reasons, the team didn’t want to reveal what these ingredients were. They are imported. They also use other dried fruits and nuts such as walnuts, dates and raisins which are easily available here.

The idea of the bakery is to provide healthy desserts, a path that has been gaining popularity recently. When Metrolife visited the bakery, there was a family with two kids (under three years old) who seemed to love their fruits and nuts-filled cupcakes.

The mother commented,“Looks like they really like it or they wouldn’t be so quiet.”

Though the method of baking the cakes and cupcakes are similar, it’s the shape of the dessert that stands out. ‘Nutty Indulgence’, which comes in the shape of a cupcake, is loaded with the special ingredients. The ‘Classic Cake’ has the shape of a Madeleine but thicker.

The flavours are definitely different from other desserts available in the city. It’s not too sweet as very little sugar is used. And instead, they rely on imported dates. They use two different types of flours to ensure that the dessert holds its shape and the dry fruits don’t sink to the bottom.

They also offer three flavours of frosting — pineapple, strawberry and chocolate. I personally loved the chocolate frosting but the pineapple (something I don’t normally like) was a winner too. What stood out was the subtle sweetness that cut through the tart flavour. The ice creams were quite interesting as well. Pineapple, chocolate, strawberry and orange flavours were available. If you find it too sweet for your liking, you can have it with the cupcake. These flavours may be up everyone’s alley, but it’s definitely worth a try.

The founders of ‘Mistletoe Asia’ have definitely taken a risk in creating the items that they did. However, with the rising move towards healthy eating, their risk could pay off.

The bakery has a few special offers for Christmas too.

They hope to introduce more flavours, maybe with the help of seasonal produce.

Do note that there is no seating area. It’s best to order a takeaway or feel free to sit on the stairs and eat.

To place an order, call 99164 04362.

(Published 22 December 2019, 11:41 IST)

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