I wear no makeup in ‘Puksatte Lifu’: Matangi

The dancer-actor plays a lawyer and is cast opposite late actor Sanchari Vijay
Last Updated 26 September 2021, 10:15 IST

After the thriller ‘Kahi’, actor and Bharatanatyam dancer Matangi Prasan was looking to play meaningful roles. Her role in Aravind Kuplikar’s ‘Puksatte Lifu’ was a welcome one. She believes she was able to push her boundaries.

Having acted with late actor Sanchari Vijay and Achyuth Kumar, the experience of the film, which released on Friday, was life-changing for her.

In a candid chat with Metrolife, she puts the spotlight on the project, her role, and acting with Sanchari Vijay.

How did the project come to you?

I was looking for opportunities where female characters matter more than just looking pretty. I was attending a lot of auditions. One day, I had attended an audition and was dissatisfied about the role.

Later in the day, I attended a wedding, where I met Nagaraj Somayaji from Sarvasva Productions, who told me about an interesting film and role. I met him and liked the story. Director Aravind assured me that every character in the film played an important role in the flow of the film, even if they had just a line to say. I was really impressed by how women were represented in the film — it has a female police constable, a sub inspector, and even a female judge.

What is your role?

I play the role of Sharada, a lawyer. She is ambitious and wants to change the world. She has a sense of justice and is always truthful. I wear no makeup in the film. The plain look suits Sharada and her life.

How is ‘Puksatte Lifu’ different from other films?

It was a blessing to be around talented actors like Vijay, Achyuth Kumar, and Rangayana Raghu. The way Achyuth sir says his lines are just something else (sic). I was nervous. Everybody else had an acting background while I came from classical dance. I was nervous and Vijay calmed me down and told me to take it easy. The film was well-planned and all shots were done smoothly.

How did you prepare for the film?

I could relate to Sharada. She is an ambitious girl just like me. Her reality is very different from others and I could connect with it well. She was fearless and I am bold too. Two of my closest friends are lawyers and a friend’s mother is also one. I chatted with them to understand the language and the way they used certain Kannada words.

What is Vijay’s character in the film?

He plays the role of Shahjahan, a locksmith. He plays my character’s neighbour. We share a close bond in the film. Shahjahan gets involved in robberies, in close association with the police. A twist changes the track of the story. It was a joy to see Vijay perform. Working with him was a delight. Whenever I met him on the sets, I always met Shahjahan. In fact, he got so immersed in the role that he became the character.

After the film was ready, when he and I met to watch ‘Puksatte Lifu’, I was surprised to see him. He looked entirely different.

Did you miss Sanchari Vijay on the promotions?

It’s very unfair. I feel angry and emotional when I think about the accident and his absence. He didn’t deserve to die without seeing how this film would reach people’s hearts. Most of the team consists of his theatre friends, who he knew since 2010. The team and I have been missing his presence and thinking about how unfair life can be sometimes.

Have you signed any new projects?

I’m working with Annapoorna Studios in Hyderabad for a web series. It’ll be in Telugu and Hindi. My character speaks Hindi in it.

(Published 26 September 2021, 09:03 IST)

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