Maid drugs employers, flees with gold, cash

Last Updated : 08 October 2015, 20:12 IST

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A maid looted valuables and cash from her employer’s house after making four of the family drink coffee laced with sleeping pills.

The incident occurred in Gayathri Nagar under Subramanyanagar police station limits on Wednesday.

According to police, the complainant Kanthi, a building contractor, wife Jayalalitha, father Padmajayaramu and son Rahul were given coffee laced with sleeping pills. They lost consciousness and the maid, who is identified as Janani, made away with 300 gram of gold and Rs 30,000 cash.

A friend, who came to visit Kanthi, noticed the door open and all of them lying down. He immediately alerted his friends and other family members. They rushed them to a nearby hospital. It was found that they were given sleeping pills, the police said.

They returned home in the evening and found the valuables and the maid missing. They realised that it was the handiwork of the maid and approached the police.

A senior police officer said, “They have no information about Janani and her whereabouts. They don’t even know where she lives in the City, except for that she is from Andhra Pradesh or Tamil Nadu. We are trying to gather information about the maid and have sent a message to all the police stations.”

On Wednesday morning, she gave them coffee. Everyone lost consciousness as soon as they drank the coffee and when they woke up, they realised that they were in a hospital. It is suspected that Janani might have taken the help of someone familiar to commit the crime.

Janani had worked in Kanthi’s house around six months back and had quit the job. But a couple of months ago, she came and rejoined work.

Kanthi told the police that he took her back to work as she was known to the family. They did not collect any personal information about her, the officer said.

Published 08 October 2015, 20:12 IST

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